Thursday, July 30, 2015

Getting close to a finish.....

Recently pulled this UFO out to get it done. I was so close to finishing this and wondered why it became a UFO. On looking back in my blog, I found the reason.  My youngest grandson was on the way and my daughter wanted me to knit a christening gown.  That then lead to a couple of baby quilts (#1 and  #2) to be made.  Thus a UFO is born.  Oh and let's throw in a wedding and a wedding quilt, too!

I did think I was a little further along.  I thought I only had applique and two borders to attach, but actually had all four borders to do. 

Here you will see the two black borders attached.  The scrappy cream area is for the applique. 

Here's a close up of the black border.  It's scrappy, too.  

Added one half square triangle border here. 

Prepping the applique. 

Applique is done.

All that is left is the bottom border which is the half square triangles, too; but according to the pattern, she says it doesn't fit, so just whack it off.  Yeah...that's exactly how she puts it. But, I am just not the "whack it off" type.  So, I have made my border and I need to find a spot that I can lay out the whole quilt to get some good measurements before I attach the bottom border.  Then I will make my own adjustments WITHOUT whacking it off.  

Stay tuned for a finished quilt top in the next day or two.  


  1. You are doing such a great job on this. You're almost done! I can't believe she sold a pattern with those instructions - I could never just "whack it off" either - I would have to rework everything until it fit. Hopefully, no christening gowns or weddings will get in the way of getting it done now!

  2. Your quilt is gorgeous. I love the applique going up the side. I'm not a "whack it off" kind of person, either. I know you will be thrilled when this beauty is marked off of your UFO list.

  3. Of course you know that I would be more than happy to make a border and "whack it off"…but that's just me….
    Love that you are so close to finished on this one!!!

  4. I LOVE how this UFO quilt is turning out!
    It looks so fabulous sewn up with that scrappy black background.

  5. Love your quilt and this pattern. Thanks for the heads up with all the adjusting you had to figure into to it too. This is one on my wish list that I may have the pattern already in, I'll have to check on it and print this out to attach it to it, thanks!
    Talk about being a tenacious quilter! You go girl!!!!!


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