Monday, May 21, 2018


My husband built me some shelves for the "stash" closet so that I no longer have to stack all my large Rubbermaids on top of each other.  Now I can easily access each container when I need something.

In doing so, I have found fabric that I haven't seen in awhile, so I have been on a roll cutting, stitching and getting things done.

Both of these checkerboard  (there are two alike) baby quilts  are now complete and I even found fabric in the stash to back them with.  Nothing like getting yardage used up without having to go shopping for more.

I cut this one out and put it together in no time at all.

What a great pattern for making a quilt that has fabric that you don't want to cut up.  I am going to call this one Garanimals (remember those?)  All this is from the stash again and it has matching dot fabric for the backing.

I may make another one with this pattern with some fabric I found in the bowels of the Rubbermaid containers that is a print that deserves not to be cut up, too.

That was all yesterday. 

Today I sat down with some freezer paper and a ruler and drafted out a pattern for a large project bag for my knitting.  It is similar to the little wristlet origami bags (dumpling bags)  that I made for single skeins of yarn.  Those were 4" x 4" x 4".  

This one is 9" x 9" x 21".

This fabric and the lining were, also, in the stash.  It should hold a whole project like a sweater or a shawl.

Here is the reverse side.

I couldn't believe I found a fabric that was aqua with an olive green print that goes so well with the floral fabric (which by the way my friend Nancy was getting rid of, so I took it thinking I might use it for a backing).  It makes up cute as a bag.  

There is enough of this floral and aqua fabric to make up another dumpling bag, but I might try and get a 2 skein-er made up out of the leftovers.  I'll have to draft that one up as well.  We'll see.  

So, all this sewing is making me feel very productive.  Love de-stashing.  Can't wait to see what is next.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


Stashes can be a good thing or they can be a bad thing.

It's always nice to be able to pull from your stash to make a quilt, but when that stash starts stressing you out.....what can I say?  Mine isn't really as big as a couple people I know 😏, but when there is stuff that has been in there forever and you don't really want to use it, don't like it anymore, it's not big enough for anything, doesn't go with anything else in the stash....well, you get the idea.    So, the last couple of years I have really been making an effort to make up some of my UFOs and use up some of the stash.

I just finished my Good'n'Plenty quilt.

This fabric had been sitting in my stash for a few years.  It was supposed to be made as a candy/candy bar challenge quilt (made from colors of a particular candy wrapper).  It is now bound and in the DONE pile.

Then today, I attended a sew-in with some of the gals from my guild.  I didn't know what to work on, so I took fabric that was left over from a couple projects (the ivory was cut in 3 1/2" x 14" strips already) and I found some leftover green from a different project  that was, also, cut in 3 1/2" strips and along with a large chunk (ABC print)  that was cut from a backing, I cut out 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangles and threw this one together for a charity baby quilt.

Here's a close up.

I needed more than just this to work on, so I still had plenty of the ivory in 3 1/2" strips, so I pulled a yard of baby safety pins and cut the whole yard up in 3 1/2" squares.  I was thinking I would have a nice sized baby quilt.  What happened was that I miscalculated and will end up with two baby quilts.

This one needs a couple more seams sewn to make the first quilt.

So there are 120 blocks in each quilt. All the rows are sewn together.  I think one will be charity and the other one I will keep for a future baby shower.
While at the sew-in today, I got some inspiration for a couple pieces of fabric that were in the stash.  My friend, Sharon, gave me a pattern and I came home to find all that I needed for this baby quilt. (that doesn't happen often) 

Here are my fabrics.

I'm thinking I will have this one cut out tomorrow, so I will save the reveal for when I have this top done.

So.....little by little, I am trying to make a dent in the stash.  Every little bit helps.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Still moving forward......

Little by little things are getting accomplished.

The binding on my Strip Ribbons is done.

It makes me so happy that this quilt is made up almost 100% with stash.  I did have to order some French General for the background of each block, but that's ok.  I have emptied ....finally.....a bin that was ALL French General.  What little was left got incorporated into the regular stash.  That in itself was a good feeling.

Within the next day or two, the Good'n'Plenty quilt will be done, too.  The binding is made and ready to be machine stitched onto the quilt.  

It's all forward movement though and that's what counts.

To treat myself, I made up a pie from some rhubarb that a friend of mine gave me.  On getting it all cleaned up and cut up into chunks, I realized I have enough to make five pies if I so chose.  Fortunately for me, there were a couple of store-bought pie crusts in the freezer, so I threw a rhubarb custard pie together this evening.  

I couldn't even wait for it to cool off.

It was soooooo good.  Now to keep myself away from the rest of it because I feel like I want to keep picking away at it.  

Maybe I should just get busy and stitch that other binding down so my mind isn't on pie!

Well, stay tuned.  I have that quilt to finish and then I have to find something to take for a sew-in day with my guild for this weekend.  I can't believe I am starting to have to search for something to sew.  I know there are things in there to work on.  There just isn't anything that I can start easily without a lot of prep.  Yup....I'd better get busy.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Goals and deadlines.....

Nothing like having a goal (deadline) to get you moving on  projects.  Of course, these goals/deadlines are self-imposed!)

I had taken on a charity quilt from my night-time guild and realized the day before the meeting that I hadn't quilted it yet.  Got it done and bound with a couple of hours to spare. 

That was Monday. 

Tomorrow (Thursday) is my day-time guild and I was hoping to get at least two quilts quilted so that I could take them for show-n-tell.  One of those quilt was one I was working on at our recent retreat.  

I had gotten almost all of the blocks made at retreat, but that was it.  The whole quilt had been cut out previous to the retreat and maybe I would have gotten more of it done, but I mis-cut a couple blocks.

This is where I was at retreat.

Got home and remedied the problem blocks and put this thing together and today I got it on and off the long arm.

I used a panto called Azalea on this one.  It kind of went with the floral French General fabrics that I used.  

This quilt came together with the thought of trying to use up the rest of my French General fabric (which I did a pretty good job of).  So, it is very scrappy.

The backing was made up of 3-4 large pieces of pink French General and I have pretty much used all that up, too.  

I was finally able to incorporate my left over fabrics into the regular stash and empty one large Rubbermaid container.

The second quilt that I wanted to get made and quilted was a candy/candy bar challenge.  The challenge was several years ago.  I bought the fabric, but never got around to making the quilt until recently.  

Can you guess the candy?

This is my Good'n'Plenty quilt.  

I quilted it using the "Bubbles" panto.  

I used a fuchsia minky backing which really shows up the quilting.  You can see the color better in the previous picture.  I don't know why the lower picture looks orange-y; but believe me.....this is fuchsia pink!

I think this quilt would be a great teenage girl quilt.

Anyways, I just need to put bindings on these two quilts, but at least they are ready for me to take to guild tomorrow  for show-n-tell.  

Now.....there are 2-3 more quilts on the "to-be-quilted" pile, but no real  deadlines other than I  am on a roll right now.  So we will see.  I am just glad to have done what I have.

I'll probably be putting bindings on in the next day or two anyways.

So....happy quilting everyone.  It feels so good to get things finished.  

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Productivity all over the board......

Since returning from my quilting retreat where I made a good dent in my sewing quilt tops, I have been productive.  

The miscellaneous hst quilt top got finished, but I now have it matched up with a backing and it is on the "to-be-quilted" pile


My Kira  quilt top got its final border on AND it is matched up with a backing and it is in the "to-be-quilted" pile.

The blocks for the Strip Ribbons quilt got finished since returning home AND the quilt top is completely made with all the sashings added.......with a bit of a design variance (ok....I made a mistake putting it together, but didn't notice it until it was all done).......SO, I am calling it a design decision.  Without having the pattern right next to the finished quilt top, no one will know the difference.  In fact......someone might just want to use  my design (or so I am telling myself).
Anyways, I have pieced all my pink French General pieces for the backing and now
 that quilt is on the "to-be-quilted" pile. 

Once these three quilts are off the long arm, then I will share the finished tops.  I didn't have anyone to hold them up at the time of getting the tops done.

Then the other day, I ran over to my lys (local yarn shop) that is going out of the brick and mortar business.  She is going to embark on a mobile quilt shop selling her wares out of a trailer.  It's the newest thing.  I saw a motor home transformed into a mobile quilt shop when I was in Pittsburgh and it was so neat.  Anyways, I digress.  I went the first day of her going out of business sale and picked up a couple of skeins of yarn with the thought of making a man's knit cap for my husband for Christmas and, also, bought a raccoon pompom.

Now as far as the yarn goes, I have plenty of time for a Christmas present, but you know...that pompom was speaking to me.  I had bought the perfect yarn in Pittsburgh for a hat and this pompom was going to be perfect for the top of it.  So, I started the hat on Wednesday night and finished it by Thursday night.

That makes me happy because now I have used one more skein of yarn from Pittsburgh.  Ten more to go.

Well, since that was so easy, I thought I would get the pompom on a hat I made a year or two ago.  I mean for what you pay for these pompoms, you'd better use them.

Now I am really feeling good.....or maybe I am feeling guilty, because I pulled a toddler hat I made eons ago and finally put the buttons on it.  I haven't needed this hat since I kept getting grandsons, but now it is done, too. 

Then to top it all off tonight, I finally looked at the calendar and realized tomorrow is guild and I had picked up a charity quilt to quilt for them.  I hadn't even looked at it for a month.  I thought I had better get busy.

Fabric was donated to the guild; my friend, Nancy, pieced the quilt and I have quilted it.  I still have a red and white stripe binding to attach and it WILL be ready to return tomorrow night. you can see, I have been busy with a little of this and a little of that.  

Now, if I could only stick with one thing, maybe things would get done in a more timely manner.........but then where's the fun in that?!!!  Right?

Saturday, April 28, 2018

My Guild's Quilt Show.....

It's come and gone  just like that after all the planning.  I will say that I think this was one of our best.  We had a good 225 quilts to display and numerous vendors to shop.  

Today I worked the admissions table after running through the show and when all was said and done, I was one to help during take down to fold and ready the quilts for the owners to pick it up.  

Here is just a smattering of the quilts that I got pictures of.

Loved the blue quilting on this one. 


These chickens made me smile.  It got a 2nd place viewer's choice ribbon.  This is the only ribbon I saw before the quilts were taken down, but I think this one was well deserved. 

Garden Chevrons is mine.

Gathering Baskets is mine.

I love giraffes.

Couldn't pass on the llamas.

Swoon is mine (French General fabrics)

Sunshine checkerboard is mine, too. 

I didn't take home any ribbons this time around, but that's ok.  It's such a joy to see your quilts hung in a show since not too often do you see your quilts from this perspective, plus it is always fun to share.  

Well, it's over for the next two years.  I wonder what I will produce that will be quilt show worthy during that time.  We will see.  

Hope you enjoyed this small taste of our show.  I should have taken more pictures, but I was so caught up in all the beauty, I was forgetting to take pictures.  Oh well.


My husband built me some shelves for the "stash" closet so that I no longer have to stack all my large Rubbermaids on top of eac...