Saturday, June 27, 2020


Ahhh.....another finish.  This was an "old" one, too.  I am figuring at least 10 years.

This is called the Nymph Tee by Connie Chang Chinchio in the magazine 
KnitScene Winter 2008/Spring 2009 edition.

I had started it with this variegated yarn which I had four skeins.  Made the front and loved it as the color changes were very subtle.  Then I made the back and the color changes were very distinct.  Hmmmph.  Not going to work for me.  So I ripped out the back and used another skein.  It was the same as the back that I just ripped out.  So, I ended up ripping out the front and used the softer colored one alternating rows with another skein of the brighter changes.  Of course,  this is  probably why it got set aside for so long.

Anyways, here we are a decade later and I am determined to get some of my old projects done so I pulled this one out.  (I had pulled it out a few times over the years, but just didn't want to do the math if you know what I mean) .   Had to figure out where I was in the pattern.  The below picture shows you that I had to start at the  bottom of this bodice with this decorative stitch which, also, included knitting the sleeves as well.  

It really didn't take long to get the front bodice done (remember back was already finished).

Next was to get the two pieces soaked and on the blocking boards.

The lighting is terrible for these pictures.  The yarn is a very pretty aquamarine.

Then I had to mattress stitch the sides and the shoulders.

A new-to-me stitch, reverse crochet stitch,  went around the hem (below) and the two sides of the neckline to give it that finished look.  

It gives a smooth line along the outside edge with this diagonal stitch to give it some interest.  

Just like that it is done.  If I hadn't had so many problems with the yarn (which were the same dye lots, but hand-dyed) I probably would have had this done 10 years ago.  

Well, since my post has been in the making for a few days and for some reason it is acting up today, to see the finished project, you will have to go to my Ravelry page to view it. 

I am already thinking of what to do next in the knitting department.  There are ALWAYS old and new projects waiting.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Working as Charity Chairperson.....

It's not always easy working with someone else's stash, but when you are the charity chairperson for your quild, that is exactly what you have to do.  I am a year into it, so as you can imagine, I have used the more appealing fabrics first to make up quilt kits or even quilts that I have made myself from this stash for adding to the pile of quilts we donate.  

I am now pulling fabrics that aren't appealing to me.  Sorry, I am sure they are to some as they were for the woman who donated  (or the family that donated her stash to the guild once she passed), but when you don't know what they were going to do with a certain fabric.....well, you are just on your own. mission was to pull a fabric and decide I was going to make something desirable out of it.

Dolphins it is.

I found a simple, free pattern on Quilted Twins.

The pattern I chose was I Spy Simplicity.

I took one of my blocks to the quilt store and picked out a Kona solid called Turquoise that coordinated well.

This is pretty true to color since I took the picture outside.

Now I am on a roll getting the snowballs made and the vertical  sashings on.

Now to get the horizontal on.

Now I have a completed top. 

I did a little fudging on the pattern, but this really is a quick and easy quilt to make AND uses up a lot of fabric at once, too.  

I will use the rest of the dolphin fabric and some of the solid to piece a backing.  

That "to-be-quilted pile" is getting bigger all the time!

Monday, June 15, 2020

Working a little on a lot......

After my curbside pickup and in-store shopping spree at my local quilt shop (by appointment only) , I have been trying to complete some old and some new projects.

First off, I picked up a very old knitting project  with the intent of getting it finished. I was bound and determined.  I don't believe it was 20 years old like my recent quilt finish, but I would guess maybe 10 years old. Why I stopped where I did, I don't remember, but all I had to do were the sleeves and bodice.

It is off the needles and just needs to be seamed which I promised myself I will do very soon.

Then I pulled out some very old lotto blocks that I won at a quilt retreat.  I am going to say in the early 2000s.  I had the center sewn for some time, but the plan was to add a border where I was going to add some applique.  Well, done is better than just lying around waiting for me.

I added a small yellow border.  (the yellow I had just picked up)

I had plenty of the blue floral print to add as a border and for binding.  

Here it is folded in half on the design wall.  There is enough yellow for the backing.   It is now on the to-be-quilted pile.

Then I had this cute block that was inspired by a pattern that Sharon teased us with.

I had made it up and liked it; but then when we went on our shopping spree last summer, I found this bright floral print and the first thing I thought of was this block and that if I made just a couple more of the floral blocks, I could make a cute quilt.

Well,  I think I waited just a bit too long to get to the whole thing and ended up with a fairly large quilt when I think I was only planning on a baby quilt.

I think in all, I made a total of five blocks and will have the floral fabric on either side of the blocks.  It, too, is now sitting on the to-be-quilted pile.  The backing I bought for it is the sky blue grunge dots.

Then as charity chairman, I got around to pulling some of the charity fabric for another pattern that Sharon had bestowed upon us.  There is enough of the little red/white/blue fabric for the backing on this one.  

Another one on the to-be-quilted pile.  (sigh)

Then I got carried away with looking around at what else there was to pull a quilt together for within the charity fabrics.

There was a bunch of this smiley face fabric, so I pulled 9 from charity and then one more from my stash to make a Missouri Star Company Double Slice quilt.  This one did not take long at all.  I had it done in an afternoon.

There was enough of the yellow smiley faces to back this quilt.  

Again, on the to-be-quilted pile.  

Good grief.....I need to get busy on the quilting part of this sewing spree; but I pulled one more  ugly (to me) fabric from the charity stash.

Today I went and picked up some solid Kona to  sash 20 of these blocks.  It should make a nice boy quilt when it is done.    I'll save this quilt for the next post; but I have definitely been on a binge for getting things done around here.  

Actually, there's more, but I want to save them until they are fully done.  It tires me out just talking about all of them AND thinking that they all need to be quilted yet.  

Anyways, I am going to try and keep up this momentum.  

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Shopping after quarantine.

Last week I called in an order for fabric at one of the local quilt shops with the thought I would be picking it up later that day so that I could complete a project or two.  After giving her my order and my credit number and the transaction being finalized, she said, "ok, it will be ready for curbside pickup on Tuesday" was Wednesday and I really wanted my quick fix right now!

Oh well, what are you going to do?

Some of these fabrics were for a new quilt and the yellow was to finish a "very old" UFO.  

Then to top it off, when Tuesday rolled around, my DH made plans for us to participate in a car parade with his '71 Chevy Nova.  I can't complain about that, except that it took place during the only hours the quilt shop was open; but we paraded through several nursing homes and a local hospital.  It really was an honor to  participate in thanking health care workers and visiting the nursing homes whose residents have not been able to see their families because of the quarantine. 

In the meantime, the "stay at home order" was lifted.   Now you can GO to the quilt store, but you have to make an appointment AND wear a mask.  "sigh"

So, I made my appointment for Thursday.  Beforehand, I sat down to figure out just what I needed to finish four projects I had going here.  I got everything I needed except for one.  I needed some ancient Robyn Pandolph fabric, so had to do some searching online for that.  

Anyways, I came away from the store with this haul.

Will I make another "appointment" for shopping?  Not if I can help it.  Six people  were limited to 45 minutes (some of that time is meant for them to clean after you have left), so I felt rushed, claustrophobic with the mask on and it just didn't feel like the same experience of an enjoyable shopping trip in  my favorite quilt shop.

So stay tuned for some finished projects in the very near future.  Three of them are already for the long arm as I write this now.  The Robyn Pandolph fabric is in the mail; and once that is here, the fourth quilt will be ready to go.  

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Some charity quilting.......

Back when the quarantine first started, you might remember that I spent a few days getting quite a few kits ready for my guild to make for charity.  Well, our meetings have been canceled month after month.  I am still waiting to hear what happens with the June meeting.

If June gets canceled (which is our last meeting), I may put out a notice to come and get a kit or two from my house just to get some of these kits done. 

I put together two quilts that I cut from the charity stash and got them quilted recently, too.  These will be ready to donate once the hospitals are accepting them again.  

Red Alphabet quilt

I did a dragon fly motif on this one.

Bound it in the alphabet fabric (there was lots of that fabric).

Then there is the aqua flannel quilt with fleece backing.

Big daisy in the solid corners

Daisy's galore panto for the rest of the quilt

Finished top

Coordinating fleece backing.

I was busy for a couple of evenings hand stitching some binding down.

Last charity quilt is done now, too.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Thimbleberries Big Block Quilt

This 20-year-old Thimbleberries, paper pieced, Big Blocks quilt is finally done.  Yes.....this was started 20 years ago and finally retrieved from the bowels of my UFOs to be finished.  What else do you do in quarantine?

Put it on the long arn where it was stitched in a gold Glide and a gold Filtec bobbin using the Azalea pantograph.  I used this dense pantograph to make sure all those seams were covered .

The backing was bought on sale from a quilt shop that was struggling to stay afloat during the quarantine period.  I would certainly hate to see our beloved quilt shops have to close because of this very long shut down.  

I am loving the texture on this quilt and even though 20 years have passed,  I am thinking I still really like this quilt even though my taste has changed in what I like to make in quilts today.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Another quilt finish....

My Bonnie and Camille, Red and Green quilt that Seven Sisters Quilt shop kitted up called Miss Ivey's quilt was put on the long arm, quilted and I wasted no time in getting it bound, too.  

I am feeling excited to have been so productive the last couple of weeks.

This one is quilted with the Tweet Tweet pantograph.  Since the quilt is not really a Christmas quilt but feeling quite homey to me and the fact that I love birds.....well, it just seemed appropriate.

Here's the whole quilt after quilting it. 

Love this backing.   It reminded me of a red pussy willow, but I am sure it could be a winter berry, too.

When it comes to binding, I always love a stripe for a binding and especially one that is a diagonal stripe, so I chose the red/cream fabric.  


Love how this turned out.  It was a super simple quilt to throw together.  It makes me smile and I know I will enjoy this one for years to come.  


Ahhh.....another finish.  This was an "old" one, too.  I am figuring at least 10 years. This is called the Nymph Tee by Conn...