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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Find Your Fade (phase one)

One of the yarn projects that I had purchased back when I went on the Grand Traverse Yarn Shop Hop last September was the yarn for the shawl called Find Your Fade.

I've been laid up with a little surgery, so I pulled this project out thinking I would just get it started; but as usual, I became obsessed with working on it and trying to get it done.  

These were the wool yarns I purchased for this project.

My plan is to knit them in this order, but I am having second thoughts right now.  We'll see as time goes by and knitting stitches grow.

It was cast on December 27, 2017 and ripped out, then stitched again  but this time using a life line; but when it came to the lace section, I just don't know what was going on in my head.  I just was not reading it right.  I ripped it out a total of five times.  I was about to put it all away, but thought I would try just one more time and for some WORKED!  I don't know what I was reading wrong (and continued to read wrong), but once I decided to give it a try "during the day" when I was surely clear headed....everything fell into place.

So, starting on January 8, 2018, I was here. (first color, Peacock)

January 9, I was here. (second color, Aleutian)

January 10, I have it to here. (third color, Belize)

Then on January 13, you will find me just finishing up the third color lace section......TWICE.....Yes, you read that right. 

 I was feeling a little too sure of myself and wasn't using my life lines and my lace just wasn't coming out correctly. In fact, you cannot be even one stitch off or it will throw the whole lace pattern off.  So....I ripped the whole lace section out and redid it.  These rows are getting longer and longer and when you are working on lace, you have to really pay attention, but I found my mind wandering and then I'd come back to it and think "where was I?".  Since I didn't use my life line in the lace section, I had to rip all the way back to the plain (garter) section.  If you don't know what  a life line is, check it out here.  They really do save a lot of time if you have to rip out.  

So, I am heading into the color melting for my fourth color (Glacier)  and you can see that here.

January 14.

This yarn is, also,  by Quince & Co, a very pale blue/bluegreen.  At the point that I am right now, there are 233 stitches and that is at its widest.  From here on out, things are downhill (decreasing) ....yeah!!

So, I thought I would post my Find Your Fade to this point since I am feeling much better and this house is calling my name.  Progress on my shawl may stall a little until things are a little more in order here at home.  I do have a goal to get this done quickly though.  I have another shawl in the wings that I want to make and I am setting March as my start date for that one.  

There are a couple more knitting projects in the wings that I would like to see completed, too; but we will see how time works for me. 

So....stay tuned.....I hope to be able to report on Find Your Fade again real soon.  

Friday, January 5, 2018

First project for 2018 is complete.....

Since I am sitting here recovering from surgery, I made sure I had some hand projects to keep me busy for a week or so.

The first one completed is my yellow checkerboard quilt. The binding was machine stitched on the day before surgery with the idea that I would hand stitch it down after.  

So, here is #1 for 2018.

Not much yellow thread to spare, but sure glad I had yellow at all.  

There are a couple knit projects to work on; and if I feel like sitting in front of the sewing machine, I have some blocks that need to be put into a top, but we will see.

For now, I am healing and just glad there are things to keep me occupied if the need arises. 

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Checkerboard quilt

One more day before the end of the year and I was hoping to get just one more quilt finished for 2017.

I got this pattern from a blog called The Painted Quilt .  If you go to her blog and  under the free patterns go to "Stopped Me In My Tracks" quilt,  you can have the pattern, too.  

I did get this one quilted today using the Easy Peasy Baptist Fan pantograph.

Personally, I wish I owned the Circle Lord  mechanism that I could attach to my Millenium that would have given me "perfect" arcs, but once I finished the whole quilt, I am pretty pleased with the end results.  

I had purchased a big gingham check in yellow and white for the backing.

It's not a perfect match to the front which is done in Kona daffodil and a creamy white, but the whole quilt speaks Spring/Summer, warmth, brightness to me; and here in Michigan with our sub zero weather right now, that sounds really good to me.  

Anyways, I am hoping to get the binding attached tomorrow (New Year's Eve), but if I don't....that's ok.  The biggest job on this quilt is done and I know I won't wait too long to put that binding on and call this one done. So, it will be my final finish for 2017 or my first finish for 2018.  That's a plus either way. 

 I will be looking forward to putting this one on my bed come warmer weather;  but for now, I will enjoy putting that binding on with this quilt on my lap keeping me warm while I am stitching away.


Friday, December 29, 2017

Oh! I forgot.

I forgot to share with you the Christmas sewing that was being kept secret until after everyone opened their presents.

I made 14 of the soup bowl cozies.

Peaches,  the cockatiel (who's almost 22 years old),  helped pick out the fabrics.

But then he started to fool around, so I had to put him away. 

I thought I would really be smart and chain piece these things together, but if you aren't paying attention, you can sew the wrong angle and then things won't fit right. (notice the right dart on this one...way too steep).

Since I had already trimmed that one, I had to make another section.  

It's supposed to look like this.

The pattern I used is this one.

Here they all are with right sides together.  I had quite the production line going.  

I chose fabrics from my stash, but fabrics that I thought would fit each person's personality.

Bugs for the youngest grandsons.

Red and aqua for one daughter.

Bright red and aqua for another one.

A funky print for a teenager.

Pigs for a grandson who loves pigs.  

Some pretty coordinating fabrics just because.

Each family member got one along with a soup mix for each family.  

Here's a stack of the majority of the reversible cozies.

There's an orange one in there for my daughter-in-law who loves orange  and the guys got navy and red ones.  

I was, also, told these work great for ice cream bowls so you don't freeze your fingers off.  

I just know that I have one and I have loved it, so I hope they enjoy theirs.  

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Just couldn't walk away......

 My Accuquilt die cutter  was calling my name back on the 19th of this month, so I cut out my Good'n'Plenty quilt.  

On the 21st, I just had to try a few of the blocks.   So, I chose fabrics that I thought looked good together and made 20 blocks.  Now mind you.....I was supposed to be getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner here at my house for 15 people.  


Well, today (the 28th) I walked into my sewing room to do something and thought....well, maybe I will just put a few more together and thought I needed a system on how to pair up fabrics.  I tried out my method and then I had 48 blocks made.  I never did do what I went into the sewing room for originally.

I realized that sewing the blocks together were going so well IF I had them all paired up, so I thought before I ended the day, I would pair up the remaining 32 blocks.  (my system is out the window now, so I just paired up fabrics that I liked in pairs again).

So....I ate dinner  and then back to the sewing room to "clean up".  

Well, we know how that ended.

The last 32 blocks are made.  That's 80 blocks done. 

I am out of room on the design wall, so I guess I will be laying these blocks out on the floor, but I know that is going to take me awhile to get them down and then decide on placement.  So, just maybe I will be able to walk away from this project for a little while before the next step, but I think 60 blocks in one day is a lot accomplished.  

We'll see what tomorrow brings. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stripology Ruler

Since making all my first cuts for the Good'n'Plenty quilt on my Accuquilt cutter which was easy peasy and fast, my next step was to cut my strips down to 4 1/2" rectangles.  Well, I don't have a die for that, so I got out my Stripology Ruler that I bought at a  Gudrun Erla trunk show.  I thought I would show you how easy her ruler is to use.  


First I laid out my strips.  Layered them, too.

Butted them up to make one piece of fabric.

Laid my Stripology ruler on the fabric.  It's grippy, so no slipping of the fabric.

See the dots  and stars?  That is why you don't need math.  You just need to cut at the measurement you want and then go to the next my case, next star.....and make your cuts.  So easy. 

The left cut is the selvedge and the right cut is the fold.  Each of those piles contain four rectangles.

Then I opened my folded edges and made another two cuts to make some more 4 1/2" rectangles.  The Accuquilt cutter cuts strips so well that there are no "bumps" in the road when it comes to your folds.  

Hardly any waste and it was quick using this ruler.

My quilt is ready to be pieced.  

I think next to the Accuquilt cutter, this is the best purchase I have made in a long time....the Stripology Ruler.  Grips the fabric, easy to follow numbers and markings and it is thicker than anything else on the market that cuts strips keeping your cutting lines nice and straight.   

Now to get ready for Christmas.