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Friday, June 23, 2017

I am so easily distracted.

The Hearts and Hands is sitting over there, but I got distracted when I saw a couple people from a private quilt group that I follow on Facebook working on their disappearing four patches.  

I am still in this mode of destashing, so when I saw these two quilts online, I remembered I had this stack of sports themed fabric that was planned for this very pattern.  Now mind you, I have had these fabrics for ....OMG....I hate to admit it, but probably for 13 years when my friend, Sandy, gifted them to me when I had my first grandson.  

I started cutting out with the intent of making a lap quilt (7 x 7 blocks) which should end up being pretty close to 56" square.  

All the sports fabrics were used up pretty quickly, so I had to run out and get a couple more plus I used a little bit of the golf fabric I have for the backing.  So, all my 49 blocks are cut out and in four-patches here.  They are to the point of making them disappear (haha).

One of the first blocks was mis-cut and that is why one of my blocks has two different sports fabrics in it, but this is a pretty busy quilt, so I am sure not many are going to notice the one oddball block.

Here are most of  the blocks as I am auditioning how I want to lay them out.

Here's the adorable backing which I picked way back when because my son-in-law was a golf superintendent (now he is a commissioner).

The quilting design I decided for this quilt is "fantasy flames".  

I think that is pretty boyish, plus "Fantasy Flames" sounds like a sports team!

The quilt is quilted on my Millie.

....and here are a couple of close ups of the stitching.

Had to dig into the stash to find something I could use for the binding and came up with a piece of orange that I thought would work well.  

So, here is the completed quilt.   It's all stash....a good 7 1/2 yards out of the closet and into a quilt.  What a good feeling.  

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Disappearing Hourglass

This quilt came about when I was going through my stash (trying to destash, actually) and I came across a layer cake.  I did some research on-line looking for something to make with a layer cake.

I have discussed the whole process of making the disappearing hourglass here.

A couple fabrics were added to get enough blocks to get my 6 x 7 blocks and then I ordered another April Cornell fabric for the main border.

I added a small white border to finish off the outside of the blocks.

Then the deep periwinkle fabric was used for the outer border and one of the blocks, too. 

The top is complete.

A green dot fabric was purchased for the backing.

I put it on the longarm and I used another new-to-me panto called Venice.

It looks great on the fabric, too.  

Binding is the same as the final border.

The quilt is complete, binding and all.

Another finish.....yeah!!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

A new quilter is born.....

Not only in talent, but in heart, too. 

My friends granddaughter has been crafting with her for years and doing some sewing, too.  This year she has been periodically making quilt blocks and yesterday she decided she wanted to put them all together.  

Her reasoning for finally putting them together is that Kaitlyn's friend's dad passed away and Kaitlyn wanted to give this quilt to her.  Now....isn't that the way of all quilters?

Anyways, I got this quilt this morning with  a "rush" on it.  Her grandma decided on the "daisies galore" panto.  So, I got right to it.  

As usual, Nancy (my friend) has the best taste in backings.

How perfect is this backing for this quilt?

All fabrics were chosen from Kaitlyn's grandma's stash (she has a great stash!) and I think she did a wonderful job on her blocks.  I love the modern look of this quilt. 

I think her friend is going to be very touched by this wonderful gift.  

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

100 percent STASH

All five charity baby quilts are complete.

100% from the stash.

Four from a layer cake.

One from leftovers from a previous quilt.

Additional fabrics for the tops from the stash.

Backings from the stash.

Batting from my long arming stash.

I quilted four of them with "Angel Wings" and one with "Venice" (pantos)

Bindings ......three made from stash fabric......

one made from the left overs from the backing......

  one was a binding that got misplaced from a baby quilt made years ago and then was found AFTER that quilt was finished. 

 It's  a little brighter dot fabric than a couple of the backings, but I think it works and there was plenty for the binding with just about  6" left over, so it was meant to be.  

What a great feeling to work from the stash.

Better quilts to be donated to a local hospital.

While all this hand stitching of bindings was going on today, I was washing and re-washing the Cherrywood fabric (hand dyed) that will be the background for the Hearts and Hands.  Three times through the washer with an extra fourth rinse just for good measure.  The 13 yards just needs to be pressed and then I am ready to start cutting and getting Hearts and Hands going again (Phase II).

Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bits and pieces.....

Just a quick catch up on what's been happening here.  

I just took three of the five charity baby quilts off the Millie.  I had a four yard piece of fabric that I found in the stash and to utilize it the best, I loaded one quilt after another as I was quilting.  

There are three bindings ready and waiting, so these will be done soon. 

Hopefully, I will get to the last two charity quilts tomorrow.

Then yesterday, I took a day-long class with Lenore Crawford and came home with this. 

There is still some stitching and painting that needs to take place on this project before it is finished, but I am really pleased with it so far.  

There are 13 yards of Cherrywood fabric that need to be washed with Synthropal, so that will be taking place in the next day or two and then I will be back at the Hearts and Hands project.

I am trying not to get involved in too many projects at the same time right now.  It feels much better when you can get something done and off the list of things to do, so that is the way I am trying to work right now.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Little stash busting.....

Most of us can relate that we need to do a little stash busting now and again; and what better way to do it but by making some charity quilts.

After working on Hearts and Hands, I needed some mindless piecing.  I needed to make something pretty, but quick.  So, I decided on a baby lone star quilt.  This would probably work well for a NICU quilt.

Anyways, I had a stack of Modern Vintage from Moda that I made a quilt of a couple years back, so I used scrappy grays for the background and the brighter colors for the lone star.

I even had enough for a backing which you can see here hung up next to the Lone Star.

I came across this pattern online  for the lone star quilt when I was looking for something to make up with a layer cake that I had (10" squares).  My layer cake is Strawberries and Lemonade.  From this one layer cake and my stash of whites I got four quilts.

This one was with solid whites.

This one had a swirly white on white.

....and  this one had a scrappy array of whites...dots, swirls and solids.  That about does it for my white stash.

Here's a close up of the fabrics.

With the left over 10" blocks, I just made this one.

Next, I am going to have to do some digging to see if I have backings for the other four and then get them onto the long arm.  

For now, I am feeling pretty good about getting some of my stash busted.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Tribute to Hearts and Hands

This "final"block pays tribute to the quilt called Hearts and Hands.  It says it all.  I, also, think that is why I saved it for last.

Although, I told you this block would be my nemesis.  The tiny ring and bracelet  took much thought in how to apply them and the several choices of fabrics for one block was proving to be trying especially after doing this for the previous 116 blocks; and the fact that I had some problems after it was finished.  

I  made it according to the pattern without really checking to make sure it would fit within the required circle.

It did not.

I had to remove five of the little tear drops and move them in.  You can see the problem ones with the pins pointing towards them along with the circle that the pattern was to fit within.

It is fixed.  It is done; and I can now say that Phase I of Hearts and Hands is now complete.

Phase II consists of cutting the background and applying all 117 circle blocks.  

Phase III will be quilting it.  

I am hoping now that Phase I is done, the rest will be easier and much quicker than the eons I spent on those applique and paper pieced blocks.  

So.....stay tuned.  My mission is to complete it before our guilds next quilt show and if I like it well enough upon completion, it just may end up being  entered into the show.