Thursday, November 7, 2019

This is the week of commitments.

Definitely going to be a busy week this week.  

I just finished quilting two  memory quilts for a customer.

Both are done in a stipple/meander pattern.

Then each were  bound by me in chartreuse fabrics.

Then there is the guild's Sew-In Day that the committee and I have been prepping for some time now.  Sure hope we have enough kits for the ladies.  Everything needs to be gathered, loaded into the car, unloaded at guild and then the fun begins.  

Well, Sew-in Day is now a thing of the past and I have to say it was a success mostly due to Nancy, Sharon and my putting together some really pretty kits.  We had 31 of our 60 members show up for the sew-in.  

Here are some of the busy bees today  and some of the completed quilt tops/quilts that came out of all of our  hard work.

After I recuperate from that, I have to get back to the commissioned quilt.  I almost have the top done.  All it needs is its sashing. (navy)

Then I need to quilt and bind it, too.  

There will be guests from out of town this week, house to clean, meals to make....all those mundane things before I can get back to my regular sewing (and knitting I hope).  There are only six of my own quilts that need quilting at this point. There may be even a couple more of them hiding that I have forgotten, but I don't want to think about that now.  

Ok....just need to get through this week and hopefully life will return to normal....whatever that is.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Retreat time.

It's been a busy time for me what with being charity chairman for the guild this year for the first time with  my committee and me  trying to get kits ready for our charity sew-in in just a few days.  There have been customer quilts to quilt; a commissioned quilt that is in progress and running the house. 

Well, I attended my day-time quilt guild's Fall retreat from Monday-Wednesday and thought I would devote all the time to just my projects.  I needed some "me" time.  I did finally get my "plus" quilt aka Comfort Quilt made into a top, but there were still some charity questions and problems to solve while at the retreat.  Oh well.  

Can't tell you how excited I am to get this UFO out of the pile.  It's been in the pile so long that I think I used the backing that I bought for it so will have to buy another one before I can quilt it.  That's ok.  I am just happy.

Another little project that I wanted to get made was this little zipper bag  where the fabric is me-made by a kind of  flip and quilt method.  It is fully lined, has zipper tabs and I think a great fabric line to complement it.  

I will add a little bling to the zipper pull later. 

Here's the oppose side.  

Here's the inside.

I did start making some more me-made fabric for another one, but ran out of time (retreat was way too short this time).

Can't wait to find the time to put this one together.  It will be a little larger and I think so pretty, too. 

While I was gone, a long awaited order for some yarn from Canada came in the mail.  I have this pattern that I have been wanting to make and Julie Asselin Yarns dyed yarn per my order.  It is so pretty.  The color is called Bisous which is Kisses in English.  Now when am I going to find the time to sit and knit?  Soon, I hope.

Well, before I hit the hay tonight, I have filled my obligations for some of my at retreat requests for charity.  Tomorrow I will get to the rest of the requests; and then get to the list of things I need done before Charity Sew-in Day.  I can see there will be no rest until that day is over.  It'll be fun's just all the prep beforehand that is stressing me a bit.  

Have a great week doing something you like.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Quilting for twins....

A new customer dropped off a couple of quilts for me to quilt and bind.  

She is expecting twin grand babies in February....a boy and a girl.  (Makes me smile)

So she asked that I quilt these with dragon flies as they  mean something special to her and her family.

First one off the machine was the little girl one.  The top is flannel and the back is minky.

Here's a close up of the dragon fly.

Here's the cuddly backing.

Finished the binding before starting the little boy quilt.

Then the next flannel one was on and off  the machine.

There's those dragon flies again.

Another cuddly, woodland animal minky.

The binding is done on this one now, too.

I guess I'll call grandma so she can come and pick them up as they are ready for the shower next month.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Prepping second commissioned quilt

The next commissioned quilt is Feathers.  

Thankfully this is all paper pieced (maybe not if you don't like to paper piece).  So I hope that means that this will come together quickly.

My customer is not a quilter, so I had her pick out some pieces of fabric  that she really liked to incorporate into the feathers and hopefully the rest of the colors/fabrics can come from my stash.
This is what she came up for each row of feathers.

All the pattern pieces are printed and separated into their respective rows.

I made a point of getting all the background (navy) cut out before the customer came over to pick out more feather fabrics from my stash.

As soon as the feather fabrics are chosen,  I am ready to roll on this one.  

Here I am a day later.  Janelle stopped by to take a look at the fabrics and decide on their placement AND we decided to run to the quilt shop to pick up a few more  green and reds to fill in. 

Here's the final layout/order.

and here are the extras

Started this on October 6 and was about ready to throw in the towel.

Not only did I cut off my work once,...

....twice; and I won't admit  to how many more times I did it.

Ugh!  You really have to get in the groove when it comes to paper piecing.... thinking backwards helps., but I did get the first strip done.

Nine more to go.  I sure hope my piecing improves.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

I refuse to say that "word" out loud just yet......

I'm in denial that the holidays are so close that some of us are already getting prepared.  

I just took this quilt off the long arm this morning.  My husband's comment was that it looked  "peppermint-y".  

So, I am sure you know which holiday I am talking about. 

This is the top. 

I did a custom, straight line quilting in a 1" increment in a So Fine cream colored thread.

Here's some close-ups.

Now, I said it was reversible.  My customer used a panel for the back; and it's so perfect.

Get ready!  It's coming sooner than later.

This customer is well on her way to being prepared.  

This is the week of commitments.

Definitely going to be a busy week this week.   I just finished quilting two  memory quilts for a customer. Both are don...