Monday, September 17, 2018


The word comes from German, in which wander means "to wander," and Lust means "desire."

I am reaching that point in this kitchen re-do.  We are getting there, but it's taking so long...or so it seems. 

My wanderlust comes now because my guilds have started this month and I "lust" to get into my sewing room or downstairs to my long arm.   Plans are being made with the guilds; and I realize I need to get busy so that I am prepared for an upcoming class and an upcoming retreat.  I have customer quilts to get to, too.  

The grandkids are back in school and involved in soccer again.  I have missed two of their games because I was so engrossed in painting kitchen cupboards that I forgot to go.  😩

Anyways, here is where we are in the kitchen renovations.  First off.....EVERY DAY consists of painting one or two coats of paint on kitchen cupboards.  In between......

The stove hood got put up.

Wow...that tile looks super shiny, but is reality it is brushed  stainless steel and glass blocks.  I think the flash made it look like "gems".

Then this came in the mail yesterday.

That's all our hinges.

Make no DH didn't waste any time getting the doors put up.

It's looking so close to being finished, but I refuse to move into those cupboards knowing he is going to make more sawdust when we install the handles.  We will be picking them up once our big  Menard's rebate comes in.

While we are waiting for that, I am painting the island and the bathroom cabinet with a different color of paint. 

It is from Magnolia (cupboard paint) in a color called Elemental which is a dark taupe or mushroom-y color.

I am only doing the front of the island so far as we are going to "beef up" the other three sides of the island to make it look more like a finer piece of furniture.

My carpenter (actually my son) had a bit of an accident at his home and he will be laid up for a couple of months, so DH and I are going to try and figure out how to do this on our own (Pinterest idea).  

Also, in my kitchenette, I had a quilt rack that was antique red that I am painting to match.

Tomorrow paint will be going on the door fronts (2 coats).  Each day brings us a little closer which means that we will no longer be living out of boxes that are scattered in the living room.  It hasn't been easy finding things that you need when it comes to meal times, so I am ready to get those unpacked and all back into the newly finished cupboards.  

It won't be long now!

Sunday, September 9, 2018

I should get paid.....

by Menard's.  

I think I am there more than a full-time employee.  After our first visit there, my DH said he didn't want to go back since it is a bit of a hike to the nearest one.  With that said, we have probably been back at least six more time.  Then with their 11% discount on everything that you just keeps you going back.  So, now we are trying to figure out what we need and what we can wait to buy while we are waiting for our second 11% rebate to come in the mail.  We spent one already. The big one is yet to come (that one is from the purchase of the new refrigerator plus).  

The last of the contractors finished up on Friday.  When I walked in, I think I heard angels sing!  I love the new color of my kitchen walls.  

We went from a dark taupe color..... (you can see the lighter color on the patch were we removed the old wall phone) this new lighter version.

If you can't decide on a color, this one might be for you.....Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore)  It's a two for one color.   In some light it looks gray and in other light it is beige (very taupe-y).  

Anyways, WE are still progressing on the kitchen  cupboards.   I ran out of the base coat (from the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit) 14 cupboard doors into painting the first coat on the outside of the doors and found out you can't just buy another quart of base coat. to Menard's again to buy another whole kit.  They were out of it. 

On the way to another Menard's (OMG!  Two in one day?), we got to thinking about our neighbor who had  recently done her cabinets with the same product.  I gave her a jingle to see if she had any of the base coat left from her project (her kitchen is much smaller than mine).  The only thing is that it either had to be tinted "linen" or it had to be  a "pure white" full can.  How lucky could we get?  She had a whole quart of white that she had not opened and was willing to let us have.  Yeah!!!!

We picked it up and ran over to Home Depot to have it tinted.  So, the first coat is on the outside of all the cupboard doors and drawers.  (By the way, I think I should be paid for part-time work at Home Depot). 

Sunday's plan is to put a coat on in the morning and then the third coat on in the evening.  

Then it is the glazing process.  This one scares me a little, but if I don't like it, I can always paint over it.  I'd rather not though.  

One of our purchases at the last Menard's visit was a couple pieces of hardware for the cupboards when they are complete.  We never had pulls or handles before, so this will make a big statement on the completed doors.  I am really liking these.

What I really wanted from this line were the square knobs, but my daughter got me to thinking about when they get loose, they will turn and not be straight.  With me being such a perfectionist, all those crooked knobs were going to drive me crazy AND DH mentioned that once they started twisting on the paint, they will probably mar the paint.  Ok.....I have to be practical here.  So I have decided to go with the handles that are screwed in two places thus no movement.  

I'm telling you....all these decisions are really hurting my head.  Plus, the fact that my back and neck hurt from bending over painting all those doors/drawers.  Sure will be nice to get them all done.

I think I am finally starting to get excited about seeing this all come to fruition.

I'll be glad to get back to normal life....sewing, quilting, knitting.....very sedate compared to the last month.

Ok....on to the last coat of base coat on those cupboards.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Next step on the kitchen re-do.....

 Next step is painting all the kitchen cupboards using the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit.

We went from this .....

To this.....

It took three coats to get from the oak to the linen-colored base coat .

All the doors and drawers were laid out in the garage for us to paint them in several stages......BUT.....even though the weather is in the 90s and muggy, there was rain in the forecast.  My dear husband said it would be a good idea to bring them into the house as this was going to take a few days to complete.

I really think  the reason for changing the painting location was this though.

I don't think he wanted to get his 1971 Chevy Nova wet.

So in the basement we went which is probably a much better environment to be working since it is cooler, dust free and bug free.

There is one coat of paint so far on the insides of each.

This really feels like a never ending job.

Also, the new refrigerator was delivered today, too.  I am waiting for it to get cold so that I can transfer all the food from the old to the new and then the old one will be picked up by my daughter and son-in-law tonight.

Also, waiting for the painter to call and set up a time for measuring and giving me a quote for the kitchen and hallway.  That will be it for contractors.  

WE will still be painting cupboards I am sure.

Ok....I've got to get busy with that second coat of paint and moving into the new refrig.  

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tile's up!

I am finally seeing a light at the end of this loooong tunnel.

Tile went up yesterday in the kitchen.

This tile consists of tans and taupe glass pieces along with three different shades of stainless steel strips that are brushed in different textures.  It is above the range and will have  one of those stove hoods that look as though they hang from a stove pipe.  

The rest of the tiles  going up are a taupe glass (4x12").

Today, all the tiles were grouted.

This is the corner where the appliance garage was.

Sink area.

The microwave fits in here nicely.

This is where my husband dumps his pockets when he comes in the backdoor.  So, I will enjoy the neatness for just a little longer.  

Next I have to make a call to the painter and get him back out to paint the kitchen and the back hallway.

WE need to get BUSY and get the kitchen cupboards painted so we can move back into them AND get life back to normal around here.

It's coming.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Things are still moving along....

Floors are down, but not without problems. 


(laundry room)




This is my second choice of flooring.  The first choice was ordered and they could only get 1/2 of what I needed. The other half wasn't going to be available until the end of November.  There was no guarantee the dye lot would be the same OR if it wouldn't be discontinued before November rolled around.  Had to go shopping for a second choice. 

The flooring was supposed to be laid out in a herringbone pattern; and I paid extra to get that done.  Once the floor guys got here, they talked me out of it because of the size of the tile and the hallway that had some turns in it.  They said I would lose the effect of my herringbone in half of what needed to be laid, so I changed my mind on the spot.  Now I am trying to get my $$ back for the extra I paid.

Then the quartz was put in.  I have to say that this part of the renovations was probably the easiest.  Everything went without a hitch; and I love it.

(the island which we turned and put a larger piece of quartz on top of)

(counter you can see my original tile that I wanted ...the center one....3 x 6)

(more counter top minus the appliance garage now)

(new sink and faucet)

(bathroom got the quartz with new sink and toilet replacing the tan fixtures)

Another problem though was my tiles that I chose for the back splash.  I loved them; but when my tile guy came over to do the measurements (he's a friend and neighbor), he told me about all the horror stories that have been happening with subway tile right now.  Everything coming in from Mexico, China and Turkey are warped; and because of that warp, if they put them up, the lines of grout look wavy.  I couldn't live with that. 

 So, I was out shopping again.  If I could find something that didn't take 6-8 weeks to be delivered, he could do the tile job right away.  If I ordered something, he couldn't promise me when he would be available.  Ugh!  I am to the point of really wanting this whole job done.  

My second choice is one tile that will be put above the range and the rest of the back splash will be a "glass" subway tile for the rest of the areas.  

Here's a peek at the "second" choice tiles.  The 4 x 12" subway tiles will cover the majority of the back splash and the skinny tiles that consist of glass and stainless steel will be above the range.

This is all going to start going up tomorrow.

So, in the meantime, we are sanding cupboards and getting them prepped to paint.  Progress is being made.  I just wish there weren't so many bumps in the road along the way.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Renovations are coming along......

I now ask myself why I decided to do more than one project at a time in this house, but when it is all over, it will all be done.

This will be called the kitchen reno; but I, also, had the study painted because I had been wanting to update that room for quite a while. 

My before pictures consist of a room that is already being torn apart.  Hey....when it's "GO" time, you don't waste time to take pictures beforehand.  

We're taking this room from the 80s to present day.

This is the study with three burgundy walls.

The window wall had stenciling around the window.

It really makes me wonder what I was thinking back then.

This room was professionally painted since I am just not up to doing 10 ft ceilings anymore.

As you can tell, he couldn't wait to prime that stenciling and he tried a spot on the burgundy wall to see if he was going to have to prime it or if the paint would cover it in two coats.

I am glad to say that after doing two coats of white on the ceiling (I've never used white before on my ceilings, but this room was always so dark) and two coats of my warm beige on the walls, this room is up-to-date and so much more appealing to me now.

While Kurt was painting the study, I was painting the small bathroom off the kitchen.

We gutted the room and will replace the beige sink and toilet with white fixtures.

Again, I have painted the ceiling white.

The old walls were painted with a sea foam color and had a saran wrap paint treatment on it that was very popular in the late 80s, early 90s. I am thinking that watching HGTV can be very dangerous some times.

Anyways, it is now a color called Revere Pewter (a beige/gray) color that was color of the year for 2017 (Benjamin Moore).  

It's still not together because floors were just finished on Monday.

Right after I was finished painting the bathroom and while Kurt was painting the study, the floor guys were laying my new floor in the kitchen which, also, consists of pantry, bathroom, hallway and laundry room.  So, if you can imagine, things are pretty torn up around here.  Here's my first peek at the new kitchen floor being put in.

There is over 600 sq. ft. of flooring that needs to be laid.



Then looking down the hallway with pantry on the right, bathroom on the left and ending in the laundry room.   

Once the flooring is done, quartz will be installed next by professionals and we will be putting the toilet back in place and I will be ordering tile for the back splash.

Stay tuned, there will be plenty more progress and pictures to show.


The word comes from German, in which  wander  means "to wander," and  Lust  means "desire." I am reaching that poi...