Monday, June 24, 2019

What is it with......

What is it with taking your computer in for a possible virus, then getting back your computer being told that everything is all cleared up  AND they decided to clean up a few other things.


Just fix my problem and leave my Mickey Mouse shortcuts alone.


Friday, June 21, 2019

I should be quilting.......

There's a customer quilt waiting to be quilted.

There's a slew of fabric that needs to be organized in the "charity room".

There's sewing that I want to do for myself.

But....when you have been talking about replacing two, exterior French doors for the last couple of years and finally the husband says, "Let's go look at doors", you drop everything and go with him since I am the one that was sick of looking at the yellowed window panes that were getting brittle and you were afraid to wash windows for fear the panes would break AND you were sick of cleaning the 2" blinds that covered those window.

Well, we looked and what I wanted were the doors with no windowpanes and blinds that were encased in the glass.

Two sets of French doors weren't cheap, but one of the salesmen mentioned that you could just replace the glass (no more panes) AND you could replace it with the blinds inside the double layer of glass (no more blinds to clean)!!!  Who knew?!!!

DH was sold on that.  We did some shopping around and found a good price; picked up the four windows and installation was pretty much a breeze.

All you had to do was unscrew the screws that were in the framework, cut the caulk and pop out the window.  Here one of the windows is out.  You can see the framework leaning against the deck railing.

The replacements fit perfectly and were pre-caulked.  Pop the window in and screw it back in place. 

Here you can see both windows installed in one of the doorwalls with the blinds pulled all the way up.  I just love the full view.

Here you can see one of the windows with the blinds down. 

I can't believe that we made the decision at noon and by 6:00 had picked up the windows and installed them by ourselves at 1/3 the cost of new doors.  

I guess I can't complain about setting other things aside to get something like this accomplished that has been waiting to get done for so long.  I'm a happy camper.  

I so appreciate a husband that is a DIYer like myself.

Ok...back to my regularly scheduled quilting and other projects.  Thanks for looking in.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

It's really starting to feel like summer here.......

We are still having tons of rain almost on a daily basis but when the sun shines, it does feel like summer.  

Tonight DH and I went to one of his many car cruises.  Not that this one is a "cruise", but there were 480+ cars on display at Culver's and that 's all because the weather was glorious, plus I get dinner out of it, too.  ;D

One other day this past week, the weather was great, but Sharon and I were stuck indoors (I guess I shouldn't say stuck because we chose to do this) taking a long arm class with Angela Huffman from Quilting Joy and Fons and Porters Love of Quilting on PBS. Those are not  her only attributes....I can consider her a long time friend.  That friendship started way back when we were first on Alex Anderson's message board some umpteen years ago.

I came away from this class with a wealth of ideas and some of those ideas will be put to use on a custom quilt that just came in the mail from Alabama yesterday.  Sorry, not sure I can share, since the owner is going to be putting this quilt into a few shows.  I'll share when I can,  

While I was waiting for this quilt to arrive, I got Nancy H's Christmas, Stag Head, panel quilt onto the long arm and did the Knotty Pine pantograph on it.  I love this quilt and think the panto was just perfect for this quilt.  Good choice Nancy.

Also, in one of my previous posts I was telling you about getting a room ready in the basement for my new position as Charity Chairman for the quilt guild. pick up full, two SUVs full to the brim and another car with five garbage bags full of fabric came to my house.  Five of us went through all the fabric and sorted out what was usable for our charity quilts.  It is now in the "room"; but awaiting organization.  I have had to set that chore aside for now as I am busy quilting.  That will be on the agenda very soon though as I can't stand being disorganized.    Once I get back in there, I will give you the tour. get busy while the weather is damp, so that when it is nice, I can enjoy the outdoors, too.  

Happy Summer.....any minute now.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Guild's charity challenge.

At our January 2019 meeting, we were given a packet of six fat quarters (all donations from a member that had passed away and her stash was given to the guild to use as they saw fit).

With these six fat quarters, we were to make a quilt for ourselves or for charity. 

I didn't use the focus fabrics as I could not see a good correlation with these bright fabrics, but that wasn't required. (one of them was a dull blue and the other one had too wide of stripes to work well with the size blocks I was cutting).

The quilt top/or finished quilt was to be completed by the June meeting were we would receive points pertaining to certain achievements.  The list below shows the point system that was going to be followed when we turned our quilts in at the June meeting.  The one with the most points will win a prize.      

 At that meeting, the quilts/quilt tops will be brought to the guild for judging by the members and  voted on.   

I immediately took my six fats and ran to the quilt shop and bought six fats of white/black prints to coordinate with the brights. Added a couple fabrics from my stash to replace the two that I didn't use, too.   I looked on YouTube for a good pattern idea on what to do with fat quarters and this is the pattern that I found.  

Here is the center of my quilt so far.

It is February now and I did another run to the quilt shop to buy a solid for an inner border and another piece of white/black fabric for an outer border.

Here's my finished top.

Here's a couple close ups of the two borders just added.

There is a solid white backing that I pieced this afternoon along with a black binding already for the day when I get to stitch it on.

Now to see when I get around to getting this thing quilted.  My hope is that  I will have it done early so that I am not pushing at the last minute to get it done (I know me though).

It's early April and I finally got this on the long arm.  I was having some tension issues with my machine and didn't want to do a customer quilt until I had this fixed. So.....I monkeyed around with the tension until I finally had it just right.  

It's coming out great.  

I am using the panto called "Azalea".  It is a bit labor  intensive, but with all the curves, it gives good stitch coverage for the quilt top.  Also, the back is coming out so well that it looks good enough to be considered a whole cloth.

This is the picture I shared on Instagram only because I loved the texture it produced AND it didn't disclose the quilt ahead of time.

Next comes the binding.

Here we are in mid April and the binding is done along with a guild label as I will be donating this one as a charity quilt.  

Now I can relax until least for this project.  So glad I am ahead of the game for a change.  

June 4....tap, tap, tap.

Getting anxious to show my quilt at next weeks guild meeting.

June 13...….

Show and vote day!

The winner for our challenge was my friend Nancy with her "Girlfriends" quilt.....well deserved.

It was so adorable.

If you are up to seeing all the rest of the challenge quilts, they are as follows.....

This posies quilt is Sharon's (my friend).  Love it.  

I hope I didn't miss any, but I was impressed with the number of people that participated and did a beautiful job in make some fantastic quilts.  

Now back to posting at regular intervals. It was hard hanging on to the post for six months!  I usually can't keep a secret that long!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Becoming Chairman

This next year(s) for our guild, I have decided to take over the chairman position for our charity group.  

This not only entails putting together kits for charity quilts and various other activities, but housing all the donated fabrics that the guild  takes in.

So for the last couple of weeks, we have been converting what used to be my son's bedroom which later turned into the grandkids toy room/storage room into a room that will house all the fabric, kits, etc.  This room is just off the bigger portion of the basement where my long arm is located.

So, we have cleared out tons of toys, junk and clothes.  The next step was to paint just to give it a fresh look.  I have decided to keep one bookcase that will house bolts of fabric (or that is the plan so far).  It is tucked into a cubbyhole in the room that used to have a desk when it was  my son's room.


We purchased two IKEA lamps so that we have "daylight" light in there to see our fabrics well.
Here you see one of those lights.

The second light is attached to what used to be my old kitchen island that my DH put legs on.  He was going to use it in his workroom, but this will serve me well for a cutting table.

On a larger wall, there will be a shelving unit that will come along with the fabric, so I don't know how big that is until I pick up the fabric which should be tomorrow if the weather holds out.

Also, we bought a new  LED ceiling light. What with the cubbyhole, only a basement window  and the basement beam running through that room, I needed as much light as I could get in there.

The most exciting thing so far in there is the "big board" my DH and I put together this afternoon.  I have had this antique ironing board for a very long time and DH has threatened to get rid of it because I wasn't using it.  I'm so glad I hung on to it because now it is coming in handy.

Anyways,  we applied some home dec fabric and a couple layers of cotton batt to a 1/2" thick  piece of finished plywood.

I had DH put some braces underneath the board that would contain the ironing board.  That way the board won't slip off.  This side was for the pointy end and the other end is squared off for the wider end of the ironing board.  

My home dec fabric was a Kelly Ripa line of fabric.  Ha!  I didn't know she had a line of fabric.

Here it is on the antique ironing board.  This will make pressing yardage so much easier. 

Well, if all goes well, fabric will be picked up tomorrow.  We'll see if this room is big enough for the stash the guild has.  

Then it's coming up with ideas for some pretty, but easy quilt kits for the members to do for charity.  

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with me.  

What is it with......

What is it with taking your computer in for a possible virus, then getting back your computer being told that everything is all cleared up...