Monday, August 3, 2015

Ended up doing some "whacking"......

This is where I ended my last post with three borders attached. 

As I mentioned earlier, the designer said the last border of half square triangles would NOT fit, so to just "whack them off".  Sorry, but that made me cringe.  

I would have to figure out a way to get around that.  

But first I have to say that I had to remove the left, pieced black border as my quilt measurements were not coming up quite square.  The bottom measurement was  a good 2" larger than the top.  Ugh!!  I hate ripping out, but  I think the culprit for this was the  homespuns/brushed cottons that were thrown in here and there.  So, I removed it, cut out some of the stretchiest fabric and sewed it back on.  Darn if it still wasn't about 1/2" too large, but I think it stretched again, so I am going to work with that.  

Now, I don't know if you can tell in the above photo, that my border wasn't quite long enough for the quilt.  Although the designer said THIS border fit perfectly.  NOT!!  So I put it on with the thought that I could just trim the upper black border if need be and no one would be the don't tell anyone.

Now to avoid "whacking" off any of the hst, I added a strip of fabric (all scrappy here) at this point and made the rest of the border hst.  The original pattern had a plain block at the other end and then both "end" hst were "whacked" off to fit.  

If I had thought this out a lot earlier, I could have added another narrow strip to the top of that plain square and then I wouldn't have had to "whack" off an inch on the upper black border, but I just wasn't about to take off another border.  I hate ripping out.  Besides, this is a folk art quilt, so I am thinking this one little strip is far less noticeable than what two "whacked" up hst would look and who is going to go and measure my top and side borders to find out that they are not exactly the same?  Remember, I said,  "don't tell".  It now measures 81 x 88.  

I made it fit and it looks good to me.  

As for that 1/2" excess that I have, I am going to baste that and pull it up.  I don't want anymore stretch to those homespuns that are on the outside edges.  

I now have a completed top.  This quilt has been waiting to be finished for a couple of years, so I am excited to get it to this point.  

I have a great toile for the back and the binding will be a scrappy black.  I hope to get this one on the long arm very soon.  

Now to find the next UFO...or maybe I should just get to my "to be quilted" pile now. 

We will see.  


  1. Titled this one "finished is better than perfect". I LOVE it, but yes, those pesky homespun fabrics tend to morph and change. I use starch on them before I even cut them, seems to help stabilize while cutting, pinning, sewing, pressing and just plain handling. It is a fabulous top and I can't wait to see it quilted and bound

  2. I recognize this design. You have done a good job of making this.

  3. I have this pattern and love this quilt. You did a great job! I plan on using homespuns and flannels also so thanks for all the tips!!

  4. Your solution to the situation worked so well - I would be like you and cringe also when reading what the designer stated. Folk art quilts are always wonderful & fun to make but telling you the border won't fit would make anyone nervous! I like the border treatment and look forward to seeing how you quilt it - great job!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!! Well worth your pain!! Some patterns are like that! When you stand back and look at your finished quilt top aren't you happy that you persevered!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!! Well worth your pain!! Some patterns are like that! When you stand back and look at your finished quilt top aren't you happy that you persevered!


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