Sunday, August 16, 2015

AQS Quilt show, Grand Rapids

I attended and not ONE picture did I take. I'll bet you can't believe it.  I can't either.  

I went for the inspiration along the quilting lines and it is all stored in my head; and I had a short shopping list which I pretty much stuck to.  

I only attended one day this year (which helped me to not be a compulsive shopper this year), plus the show was scheduled  for the same time as the Woodward Dream Cruise and my DH takes off that week so that we can participate with his 71 Nova.  Hard to be in two places at once.  

Anyways, I went for the Sew Fine Superior Thread and got what was on my list; plus I am trying out a new thread that mimics my favorite thread (Glide).  It is called Polyseda Iris by EnMart.  It was being used by the crew at the APQS booth and they were having a lot of luck with it.  When he heard me talking to them about that, he just "gave" me this spool on the condition that I would report back to him on how I liked it.  Absolutely!!  I will do that for him.

Not on my list were the other two things I picked up; hand warmers and Moda shirtings.  

The hand warmers are reusable and they made neck rolls and lower back rolls.  I thought I would give the hand warmers a try especially since they are re-usable.  I am under the assumption that everything else out on the market is a one time use only.  So since we live in MI and I don't like being cold, I am going to try the hand warmers in my mittens this year.  Heck....I work in a frigid office.....I may have to try them there, too.  

As for the Moda shirtings.  I think the next UFO that I pick up will be my scrappy star quilt.  The more backgrounds I can find for this, the better it will be.  I'll be posting something on that pretty soon.  

Well, even though I don't have pictures, you know every other blogger that attended the show has an array of pictures, so I suggest taking a look at all those lovely quilts.   

Now that life and vacations have settled down around here, I hope to get back into the sewing room and should have something to report real soon.

So....happy quilting everyone!


  1. I just finished using scrappy shirtings and I loved the look. Pondering a second quilt to use more of them as I have a box just bursting at the edges. Wow, I can't keep all the fun quilting ideas in my head, I have scads of photos!

  2. Thanks for visiting our booth! Glad to hear you found some fun treasures at the show!
    -Celeste @ Superior Threads


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