Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Just contemplating....

Thinking about the next UFO that I want to pick up.  

My friend Sandy is working on some scrappy stars and I remembered I had a whole box of some.

I have 89 - 6" scrappy stars.

If I make a queen sized quilt (I tend to go large), then I would need nearly 200 more.  

I could add a scrappy solid  as an alternating block (but that wasn't the original plan).  My friends and I saw an antique quilt and we were thinking we wanted to replicate it.  

I could make the quilt smaller....just a throw...then I would probably only have to make one more block. 

I could put them on point. 

I could put them back in the box for another few years.  



  1. This particular style star block is a favorite of mine. I have made many over the years.

  2. Make one more block and finish it, a lap quilt would be lovely. Definitely don't put them back in the box, they are to gorgeous to be put away. Just think, if you finish it, then you can work on something else.

  3. An alternate block (or even sashing) would keep you from seaming star points together.

    I think if you want to go with the original inspiration, you should stay small; if you want to go BIG, you might enjoy an alternate block.

    p.s. How about a twin size as a compromise?

  4. No, you are not allowed to put them back in the box! I say, make one block, quilt it, done!

  5. these stars are wonderful - no matter how you set them. I agree with Sandy - no box


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