Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pays to be Square......

I told you on my last post that the second quilt I had done on my long arm gave me some trouble because it was more of a parallelogram rather than square.  Well, I used it for practice so that when I did this quilt for my daughter's soon to be born baby boy, it would turn out better. 
It was loaded a couple nights ago. 
....but I couldn't get to it until today.
It worked up so much easier being square.  LOL....I highly recommend it. :D
Again, I used the popcorn panto with So Fine thread in a medium gray.
I even had the time to put the binding on tonight.
So here is the finished quilt.
It feels so good when something works out well; and I am proud enough of this one to give it as a gift. 
Next....I am not sure if it will be the other baby quilt that I have for her or the Fancy That quilt that will be for me. We'll see which one wins out. 


  1. That panto looks great on that quilt. Nice work!

  2. You are off and running! I don't have the hand and eye coordination for something like that but it sure would be nice to have a machine available 24/7 - you must be having a ball!!

  3. Your panto looks great. That quilt turned out really pretty!!

  4. Another great looking quilt. That panto is one of my favorites. It looks so cute on that quilt.


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