Friday, October 4, 2013

Wonky = Not too bad

I need practice on the long arm and the best advice I have received is not to work on anything that I am emotional involved with.  Well, that is pretty hard because after making a quilt top, you are usually pretty emotionally attached to that quilt.
So, I took the baby blue hounds tooth which was for some reason pretty wonky.
I don't know if you can tell in this photo, but rather than square it is more of a parallelogram.  I thought I did good by reversing my direction of sewing with each row, but for some reason (maybe all the bias edges) it just wouldn't square up.  I even soaked it in water in hopes of stretching it  and getting it back to square.  All that did was make it wrinkled and difficult to iron out (bias again).
So, today I put it on the long arm.
Just because I knew this was only going to be a practice piece, I still wanted to do the best that I could, so I tried squaring it up on the long arm.  I did the "popcorn" panto on it and all went pretty well.
It's quilted....maybe not perfectly, but it certainly was a good effort and I did manage to square it up more than it was and without any puckers, too.
Well, I couldn't stop there.......
I had to bind it, too, tonight.  Now it is done and a little bit more in the correct shape.  It still has a bit of a "twist" to it, but some baby is going still love it. 
Anyways, I have three more quilts that are lined up for the long arm.  The next one is on  Millie Faye right now.
This hounds tooth is much more square because when I put it together, I put it in blocks rather than rows.  That seemed to help when piecing the top. 
This one is for the new little grandson that will be born.....soon, very soon, maybe within a week or so. 
So, you know where I will be tomorrow morning. 

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  1. Waiting for a baby is so exciting, it hope all goes well. I love your houndstooth quilts, the quilting looks great to me.


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