Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall is in the air.....

You don't have to feel it in the air, but you know when Fall is here because all the adorable Fall decorations are out in the stores, at the craft fairs and in everyone's yards.
I went to the Weekend in the Country Fair in Davisburg, MI at Springfield Oaks.  It is a vintage and craft fair and I found myself some adorable decorations.

I got the old rusty bed spring to hold my white gourd and the adorable steam punk doll from The Charmed Gourd. They have a blog by the same name AND an Etsy shop.    I think she is adorable. 
Later  I will show you the great pumpkin wall hanging I bought, but first I have to hang it. 
This week was busy getting quilts ready for the long arm.  There are four ready to go.  Tops, batting, backings and bindings are all set to go. 
 Two of these quilts are for my daughter for the new grandson we will be seeing sometime between now and hopefully by the 11th of October.  That's his due date anyways.  But as you all know, babies come when they are ready to come. 
I have two hounds tooth quilts to quilt, the Fancy That quilt (all seen on previous posts) and I just finished machine appliqueing down the words on the "Life Cycle" quilt.  I hope you don't find this one offensive as the original quilt on the Moda website was "Eat; Play; Sleep; Repeat"; but if you have ever been around a baby, you know my version is probably a little more true to life.
Oh well, it's my sense of humor and I think my daughter will appreciate it. 
So, hopefully tomorrow I will be getting started on quilting these on the long arm.
Then from here on out, the only other thing I will be working on is the wedding quilt for my son and soon to be daughter-in-law.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  That wedding is October 26.
I have to get busy.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for showcasing our Steampunk Gourd. She looks wonderful on your mantle. Your quilts are beautiful. The Charmed Gourd

  2. To the Charmed Gourd....thank you so much for commenting. I could tell you love all your dolls and it gave me a thrill to hear each of you make a comment on her as she left for my house. I love her and I think she will be staying on the mantel for some time. I am so glad I found you and I now will be watching for new ones in the future.


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