Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Seriously....did I need this much fabric?

I decided to pull another UFO out of the pile. This is my Gathering Baskets.

I felt I could look towards the next project because I only have the four mitered corners of my thimble quilt to hand stitch.  Here you will see I have the miters taped and ready to be stitched on that quilt.

I even have the backing cut, stitched  and folded up waiting to be quilted.  

So back to the basket quilt. 

I looked for my stash of fabrics that I had put away for this quilt.  Found them in my hand made bag and thought....what was I thinking when I bought all this fabric for this one quilt. 

Thankfully, when I pulled all the fabric out of there, I found the backing that I had pulled for this quilt, too.  So, there wasn't as much fabric in there as I thought.  

Thank goodness I stashed that away or I might have used it for my thimbles or something else.  

Then I had to go hunting for the pattern.  Sometimes it just doesn't pay to clean up your room.  Why I didn't keep the pattern with the fabric, I will never know. 

So, as I see it, my next step is to do the applique and then  there are two sides of half square triangles and then this quilt top will be done.  I am thinking it will be easy peasy.  

I do think I will re-configure the half square triangles from what the pattern shows.  This pattern doesn't have them fitting perfectly.  There are a couple that are just cut off and made to fit.  I am going to see if I can size them so that they will fit perfectly.  We'll see.  I will have to be in the mathematical mood when the time comes.  

I am actually looking forward to getting this one done now.  

First things first though.  I need to stitch those mitered corners, press the thimbles really well and then it is on the pile to be quilted.  

Ok....time to start doing some figuring.  


  1. Wow, you really have some beautiful UFO's. I love the HST's and appliqué on the baskets quilt. That's really going to be nice.

  2. The thimbles quilt looks gorgeous,I hope those mitred corners go together smoothly for you.
    I LOVE that basket quilt too - it will be another beautiful finish!

  3. Love your Gathering Baskets...it's on my TO-DO LIST! Thanks for the inspiration!! Your thimbles quilt is wonderful too and perfect for hand quilting!!

  4. Since I'm not getting ANYTHING done these days, I'm really enjoying watching you accomplish so much!


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