Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Iron Caddies

This post is being written mid October because that is when I made these Christmas gifts.  It will be posted after the recipients have received them.  

I have made four iron caddies to house my friends and my mini irons for traveling on retreats.  

If you don't know what these are, they are a small "origami-type" carrier that holds your mini irons and upon opening them up, they become a small ironing pad.  

This one was made according to the pattern (only enlarged a bit so that my iron would fit), but I am not really happy with the positioning of the buttons and the elastic loops.

I have changed the positioning on the remainder of the caddies.  

This pink one will match my friend's pink iron.  

This one is in blue because my friend is decorating in blue right now.  

Here the caddy is open to reveal the ironing surface.  

Here's the outside.

This picture shows the matching set.  

They were fun and somewhat easy projects to make for yourself or as gifts.  I sure hope the gals like them.  


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