Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Cleaning out the sewing room.

Oh, the things we find when we  straighten out or clean up our sewing rooms. 

Sometimes I think it's not a good thing because then I can't find anything after I have organized; but then again, you find projects that you started eons ago or things you bought that you wanted to make but for some reason they got put out of sight.  

Well, I started these neat little journal pen holders awhile back and there were still two that were cut out but not made, so I got them finished.  

It's a little pocket that you store you pen in and then the elastic holds it to your journal.  Your pen is always where you need it.  I love them.  It's so fun to do them in funky colors, too. 

I thought these would make great little gifts for those times when we are supposed to bring something at a retreat or whatever to exchange.  

Then, back in December, I got the makings for a rope basket.  I followed the instructions from a YouTube videa  rope basket   and this is what I ended up with.  

Not perfect, but I still like it and it will serve me well when I have knitting projects or just yarn that I want to keep together.  

I, also, had some fabric that was cut out into squares and finally decided to put the top together for a charity quilt, but I will share that when I get that off the longarm and it is finished.  

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