Monday, January 17, 2022


My excuse for not posting for so long is "life".  Lots of things going on, but no one big thing to post about.

Took a quick round trip from MI to FL to GA and then on to OH  and back again with some visiting and shopping interspersed throughout.  

We had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with the whole family.

Guild-wise, I did a trunk show with my mini group and pulled quilts from the last 20 years when  we had first met. It was a success.

We had our charity sew-day where we worked on twin-sized quilts exclusively for aged-out foster kids.  I still have those quilts coming in.  That, too, was a success.  

The two Christmas gifts I was working on were a couple of scrappy pieced fabrics made into large make-up bags.

I got a cashmere mitten kit for Christmas and made those up before the end of the year.

 I am still working on my sweater, just not  with a whole lot of gusto.

Next step for this sweater is the colorwork on the cuffs.

The one thing that I have  really put my nose to the grindstone on is when I pulled my quilts (some UFOs) for out trunk show, I found 4-5 blocks from a class I took in 2005 from Karen Stone ....The New York Beauty.  2005!!!  Good grief.  Would you believe I have been collecting batiks until most recently  as 2021 for that quilt?  I guess it was time  to get this one in motion again.  

I am at 43 blocks at this point.  The plan was to do 72 blocks, 8x9 blocks/rows;  but I have five rows of 8 already sewn together and I am thinking that I might be happy with just 7 rows.  I will see once I get closer to the finish line.  I am enjoying making this one and it makes me wonder why I put it away for so long especially since I was still collecting fabric.  

Well,that's just a quick synopsis.  If I think of more, I'll report at a later date with hopefully even more things to report.  

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  1. stunning blocks for the New York Beauty, and the sweater looks so intricate.


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