Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Dwindling list.....

 In my last post I had a list of things to do.  


Customer quilt......check

Quilted this one with Jessie's Swirls Simplified

I did manage to knit a couple rows of my Hinterland sweater.

I've placed a lifeline just before starting my colorwork because I have decided if I don't care for the yarn that I chose for my colorwork, I can rip back to that lifeline without having to rip out the whole thing.  

Picked up a couple more fabrics for the baby quilt that I need to make, but that is as far as I have gotten on that one.  

AND....I do believe cleaning house was on that list, but as you can see.....that is still at the bottom of the list and I haven't had a chance (nor do I want to) to get to it.  :D

The more I can get done and free myself up from those things that weigh me down, maybe I can make some real headway on some things that I really want to do.  

Happy making!

Monday, September 13, 2021

It's just that time of year......

There's not the problem of kids going back to school here, but overall it's just been a crazy summer and a busy coming into Fall.  

There have been several hospital and doctor visits with my hubby which resulted in my casting on socks.  Before it was all said and done, I had two pair of wool socks made in the heat of the Summer.  

Then there was prepping for the first 2021-22 guild meeting (I'm charity chairman) that I ended up not getting to attend because we had a one week window to finally get away from home.  

That rainbow was well worth the visit up North.  

Prior to leaving,  there was lots of prep for me to get things together for the guild  meeting and hand things over to my friend to get things to the guild members.   

On returning from up North, I made a concerted effort to get all the quilt that I had accumulated from this months' donations and ones that I had been hanging on to because Covid would  not allow me to donate.  We donated 40 quilts to a cancer center; 71 quilts to Project Linus; 39 kennel quilts to a local animal rescue and a handful of quilts for Turning Point.  All-in-all, that's a great feeling.  

A customer quilt (actually two of the same) got quilted just before I left and I have to tell you that these quilts put me in the mood for Fall.  

These were so stinkin' cute.  

I have two sweaters cast on and I thought I would work on them while up North, but that never happened.  I did take them out of their bags to show what I was up to, but did not take a stitch.  

The one I really want to work on is the Hinterland sweater.  

This green yarn is working up so beautifully.  It has a teensy little sequin running through the strands and gives the effect of running through a light snowfall and the sparkle that is left from a snowflake is left on your sweater.  I think/hope it looks great when done.  

Well, I am going to sit and stitch for a bit.  I do have a baby quilt to make, a customer quilt to quilt, sweaters to knit, house to clean, more doctor appointments in the near future......just plain busy, but I am sure you know that sitting to knit or stitch is what brings peace of mind.  So, I hope you are finding some peace of mind once in awhile.  

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Uno, Dos, tres done

Yup, I can call three projects done.  

The first one is the teal and rose quilt top that finally made it to the longarm.  Quilted it using the Heather pantograph.

Here's a peek at the backing.

It is 100 percent done now that the binding is on.

Then there is that pair of socks that I kept working on while sitting in waiting rooms.  Those doctor visits started getting really spread out so I just finally decided to finish them.

These were done in the Opal sock yarn #9703.   The striping was  much more subtle than the last pair I made, but I still love the striping effect you get with this yarn.  

Third project is this lovely piece of fabric that a customer brought to me to quilt as a whole cloth.  I just fell in love with this fabric.  Makes me want to redo all the decor in my house and go with a more modern look.  I just love the colors.   They make me happy.

It is the Moody Blooms kit from Moda.

I quilted this one with the Banana Leaves panto which I think complimented the floral design and used white Glide and white Fil-Tec bobbins.

The quilting really shows up on the back which is a cotton sateen.  This customer will truly be able to use both sides of this quilt.  

The really nice thing is that she sent me a picture of her quilt on her bed.  It looks prefect!

On to some more projects.  Bought fabric today for a baby quilt and bought yarn for another sweater.  Need to keep busy!

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Digging around

 While looking through my sewing room cupboard for something (which by the way, I haven't found yet), I came across this tin that has had a bunch of strings in there for quite some time.  I always felt that someday I was going to do something with them, but it kept getting put back for a later date.

These were left over strings from a long ago block exchange I did with Robyn Pandolph fabrics.  I really loved her "old" lines of fabric that were so soft and muted.  

Well, the other day, I had nothing really pressing going on, my sewing table was "really" clear and I felt like some mindless sewing.  

This tin was filled with all those strips. The tin isn't all that big either.  

I thought I might just get a doll quilt out of them.  So I started sewing in log cabin style with the intent of using it all up. 

I kept sewing and sewing; and as I ran out of full lengths of strips, I started sewing together like-colored strips to make them long enough.  

I ended up with a quilt that is nearly 45" square.  

I am loving it!  To top it off, I now have an empty tin, too.   It feels good to use it up and have a pretty quilt on top of it.  

Now to decide on a backing And how I want to quilt it.  

Anyways, it's a good feeling.  

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Couple finishes......

Started these socks a couple of weeks ago while sitting in the hospital waiting room.  Got the first one done pretty quick and meant to save the second one for the next hospital waiting room coming up tomorrow, but it was working up so quickly that I thought I would just finish it and cast on another pair of sock for the occasion.  

Love how close I matched up the second sock to the first one by pulling through the skein looking for the same spot I started the fist sock (these are self-striping).  I got really close.  There may be a 3-4 row difference, but close enough to be pleased with the end results.

Then I completed the baby quilt that I took off the long arm just a day or two ago by getting the binding on.  

Machine stitched it on and then handstitched it to the back.  

I can totally mark this one off the list of things to do.  

Done for now, but I have another pair of Opal socks started and will be working on those; and there are plenty of quilts to get quilted waiting for me.  We'll see what gets done next.  


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

It wasn't my plan.....

My original plan for today was to get batting cut out for three of my own quilts and maybe about four charity quilts for the guild.

Of course, the first quilt I picked up  I thought to myself that maybe the piece of batting I cut off a customer quilt yesterday might be big enough for this baby quilt.  It was!

So, I thought, I will just load it on the machine and be ready to go on this one.  

Well, one thing leads to another and before I knew it, this quilt was done.  

I previously blogged that this quilt resulted from left over birthday exchange blocks which worked up to be big enough for a nice baby quilt.  

In keeping with the star theme, I quilted it with Ribbons and Stars in a cream Glide.

It was pretty quick and easy to get this one finished.  

I especially love the star, embossed, cream minky that I have had for a good five years sitting in the cupboard.  It was just the right size and the perfect color.  

I had bought this on a trip to Shipshewana when I visited Lolly's. They have a room dedicated just for minky/cuddle fabric.  I bought it for another project, but knew in my heart it wasn't really going to match, but I just had to have it because I loved the stars.  I am so glad that I finally found the perfect quilt for it.  

The quilting isn't too dense on this so that it doesn't detract from the embossing.  

For those customers that ask if quilting on the bubble minky or embossed minky ruins the embossing, this goes to show that it does not.  Of course, I wouldn't quilt it too densely just for that purpose. 

So the next course of action is to get the binding on this one so that I can call it a finish.  

I'll head down to the longarm area tomorrow or the next day to get those other battings cut out and then I can hopefully get on a roll with getting some of these quilts finished.  

As it stands....another one bites the dust!  


Saturday, July 24, 2021

My, my.....where has the time gone?

It's so hard to be productive craft-wise when the weather has been so beautiful this summer.  All one wants to do is be outside.  

I had to do some hospital waiting room time recently, so I picked up some yarn that I purchased recently from a friend who sells her sock yarn on  Instagram.  PurpleSockYarnCo.  if you are interested.  She sells Opal sock yarn and it works up looking like you have done a lot of work on your socks.  

Sock #2 is well on its way.  Can't let that sit around too long or there won't be a pair of socks to wear.

Then on the quilting side of things, I just took this customer quilt off the longarm.  

It's a cityscape panel.....very modern/art deco.

I chose the Kandinsky panto which is very modern to quilt this one up.  Purple So Fine was used on top and a hot pink Filtec prewound bobbin on the bottom for the light pink ombre fabric.

I am not usually a fan of panels, but I have to say that this gal picks the coolest panels I have ever come across.  

Well, I am off to finish sock #2 and just maybe get another quilt on the long arm while I am in the mood.  Besides, it's raining outside, so I really have no excuse.  

Dwindling list.....

 In my last post I had a list of things to do.   Dentist......check Customer quilt......check Quilted this one with Jessie's Swirls Simp...