Monday, June 13, 2022

On an Obsessive Roll.....

Hand knit dish rags are my favorites.  Just the other day one of my two dish rags bit the dust.  It had such a run in it that it really wasn't doing the job it was meant to do. So.....I thought I would use up some scrap cotton yarn that I had lying around.  Kill two birds with one stone here.  Destash and get a new dish rag.

Well, this is as far as I got with my leftovers.  

So, I figured I'd have to go out and pick up another skein so that I could compete the second one and maybe make one more. 

Well, Joann's had Sugar and Cream on sale!

What was I thinking?  I was supposed to be destashing!

Finished #2 with a variegated pink and then picked up the variegated blue.

Then I made a tangerine one which I think will go well with my kitchen. 

Now a taupe one!

.....and I am now starting #6.  

I am sure I will get two dish rags per skein with some left overs, but it was never my intent in the beginning to go crazy and make so many dish rags.  

Of course, I have had the itch to do some mindless knitting because I am procrastinating on a sweater that I started.  That sweater requires some thinking as you knit a bit and then get the crochet hook out to make baubles.  I just haven't felt like thinking that hard right now.  

I will probably make one more blue variegated one and then set these aside.  I do have to weave in all the ends.   There will always be another day when I want to do some more mindless knitting and I will have plenty of cotton yarn to make more dish rags.

 Then again, I had better get back to that sweater because I am just not one of those to have numerous knitting projects going at the same time.....not like my quilting projects.  We won't go into that though.  

Well, I should be set for awhile.  

Happy crafting!


Thursday, June 9, 2022

Round Robin of sorts.....

 Is it considered a Round Robin if you don't pass the quilt from person to person?  

Just prior to Covid, our guild put out a challenge to work on ...what I will call a Round Robin...that we kept in-house.  In other words, we worked on our own quilt from beginning to end.

We were to start out with any block, panel, embroidery or whatever.  I had been wanting to try this block and was thinking of making a whole quilt out of this one block, but after putting all these numerous pieces together, I am happy with just one block.  

The second  month we were to add 9-patches.  You could do regular or disappearing 9-patches.

Then it was half square triangles.

Next on the agenda was a snowball block.  Ok....I could already see this quilt was going to be much bigger than I really wanted, so what I did was made my snowball blocks and then cut them in half.

Our next border (or however you wanted to add it) was something with curves.  Well, I had a couple friends who were doing these circle blocks and I thought this would be a great time to give them a try and not have to make too many.  

Then lo and behold, the last border was applique.  Well, darn......I would have just done my circles for this row only, so instead I made more, but a little smaller.  

So, now this quilt has been languishing on my "to-be-quilted" pile for some time.  As a result of Covid restrictions and not many of our guild members meeting up when we DID  get together, this challenge kind of got forgotten.......until last month.

They want us all to bring in our challenge at our final meeting in June. 

Nothing like getting motivated to get this on the longarm and getting it done.  

I didn't know how I was going to quilt this one, but as usual, I just loaded it and then started making decisions.  Although I did put out some requests for ideas on how to quilt the dots.  I had to start there before I could go any further.  

The design I chose was the best since my dots did not line up with the next border making other designs amenable.

There was some featherwork in the snowballs and some loopu loops in some sashing.  

Straight line and echo quilting in and outside of  the half square triangles.

Paperclip design in another sashing.  

Cross hatching in the 9-patches.

Then to draw in some of the dots into the rest of the quilt, I did some shadow dots (texturized dots). This was something I found on a Youtube tutorial.   

Anyways, I kept plugging away coming up with something to do in each new section until I was done. 

Here's the backing.  

The binding is done and I have washed the quilt to get that cozy, crinkly look.  

I think I will wrap up in this right now as it is warm from the dryer and only 63* outside.  

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Some longarming happening here

Mars Attack the movie was on my mind the whole time I was working on this customer quilt.  

I used Puppy Paws pantograph for quilting this one.  Cream So Fine thread on top and bobbin, too.  

The puppy prints and bones on the backing are so adorable, too.  

Next customer quilt was this Lemoyne Star quilt.  

It's such a lovely blue.....something I don't see often are blue quilts. 

I used Dasies Galore pantograph for this one.   

The picture doesn't do this minky justice, but it really is a rich navy blue.  

One of the great perks working on minky is seeing the beautiful texture that is produced with the stitching.  It always amazes me how good it looks.  Even better is the cozy quilt that it makes, too.  

From this quilt I went to the commissioned quilt that I have been working on.  The customer gave me the fabric and the pattern and that's where I took off.  

The top is complete.  This was made from a layer cake that has a campy feel being made  for a little boy. 

The backing was from Hawthorne Fabrics and I had to piece it.  It reminds me of the North Star....something you see when you are camping.

From there, it's on the longarm getting it quilted with the Prism  panto.

Now on to the binding.  My goal was to have this one done by the end of May and I made it!!

  It is  now off to its rightful owner.  

I am now going to take a two month break from customer quilts.  There is so much I want to get done around here....painting a couple rooms in the house, there are five of my own quilts that require custom quilting, I would like to enjoy some of the beautiful weather rather than being stuck in the basement working on deadlines, family issues that need to be attended to, vacation and whatever else I can fit into two short months.  August will come around way  too quickly I am sure.  Yes, I will be busy around here,  but it will be at my own pace with no deadlines.  

Happy quilting!


Tuesday, May 17, 2022

May Update.....

It was quite awhile ago that I was working on this sweater.  I had ripped it back a couple of times and restarted it.  Then got busy with something else.

When I got to this point (just prior to starting the colorwork on the sleeve), I realized the sleeves were definitely going to be too long.  So had to rip back again. 

I finally bit the bullet and tried it on, did some measuring and pulled back both sleeves.  Actually one sleeve was to this point and the other sleeve had half of the color work done.  I had to shorten the green a couple of inches.

It's finally done.  Guess I won't be wearing it until next Fall, but that's ok.  

Another project that I worked on was for an exchange gift for  our next and last guild meeting for the season.  It had to be something small handmade by us.  So I threw together this little triangle zipper bag.

I have one of these for myself that I use for all my charging cords.  I keep my I-phone, E-reader and tablet cords in there all in one place and it's a great grab and go when we head out on vacation or I go to retreat.  Never without my charging cords.  

I've, also, been working on a commissioned quilt.  The top is done.  Now it goes on the pile to be quilted.  

For the May guild meeting, I participated in our Whistle Stop.  I demonstrated reverse applique.  I prepared a few blocks to show step by step, but now I see that I have a new quilt started because I am really loving these blocks.  

I have a whole bin of white/black and black/white fabrics, so I am thinking this is going to be a long term project.  I think it will be so worth it in the end though.  

Well, I need to get busy on and get some  customer quilts quilted, finish my commissioned quilt and I have picked up a languishing knitting project.  I can see the next few days/weeks being busy.  


Saturday, May 7, 2022

Busy Spring! it Spring?

Is it Spring?  I question that when one day we have 80 degrees and within a few days we have snow, tons  of rain, cool weather, etc.  It just can't seem to make up its mind. 

Easter has come and gone.  We didn't have a typical Easter dinner this year.  We killed two birds with one stone by having out annual Puerto Rican dinner  with meat pie, pastillos, tostones, rice and beans, mofongo, and flan.  I think everyone enjoyed that food just as much as they would have the Easter ham and deviled eggs. :D  

I did have a candy charcuterie for the family along with some Easter birds nests.

Had to separate those things that had peanut butter in them as one of the grands has a peanut allergy.  

Another thing that kept me busy was going on retreat with guild members.  We had such a good time.  I took three quilt projects and a knit project and never got past the first project.  

I'll discuss this project more at length in a later post.  It's quite involved.

Had a lifetime friend come to visit for a few days and we sat down so that I could teach her to quilt.  She had purchased fabric to make a quilt for her significant other.  The quilt consisted of only 10" blocks, but we started from scratch by teaching her how to cut the fabric and then got to sewing the blocks and rows together.  She got half of the quilt done here.  The rest she will take home and finish piecing....I hope.  I will then show her how to piece the backing; I will quilt it for her and then I will teach her how to bind. 

I've been busy doing a couple customer quilts since returning from retreat, too.

This one is an Aunt Gracie fabric quilt.  I think it is a 9-patch variation.

Also, did a labyrinth quilt.  Customer wanted an E2E on it, so used the Bauhaus panto.  

Even though our Michigan weather has been a bit unpredictable, we are hoping we are finally heading to some warm weather, so we dropped a wad on some annuals and herbs.

Got all these planted.  With Mother's Day being tomorrow, I am sure I will be getting some hanging baskets from the kids.  The yard will look great with all the color we are planting.  

That's it for now though.  I am sure there was more, but the last month or so has been a blue.  

I do have a commissioned quilt to get to and now that the customer quilts are quilted, I can devote my time to that.  There are lots of other things that I want to get to in the near future, so we will see how it goes.  

Have a Happy Mother's day tomorrow.  

On an Obsessive Roll.....

Hand knit dish rags are my favorites.  Just the other day one of my two dish rags bit the dust.  It had such a run in it that it really wasn...