Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Couple quilts off the longarm

Thursday is our guild meeting so I wanted to get a quilt finished for the charity collection.  

I pulled these fabrics from the charity closet; and I think I will donate it to the local cancer center for some gentleman since it looks a bit manly to me.

I had cut the plaid for this  quilt from a roll of fabric that looked as though a stack of fabric  had been die cut for clothing.  I just cut rectangles to the largest size I could get from that pile and then added the variety of blue rectangles to make some improv rows. 

I quilted this one using Jessie's Swirls Simplified pantograph with white Glide thread.

There was, also, a customer quilt that needed to get done before the guild meeting since she will be attending.  

I just love the bright colors in this one; and that bright chartreuse minky just topped it off.  

I used the "Bubbles" panto which kind of mimicked the bubbly multi-colored fabric.  For an bit more fun, I used a chartreuse colored Glide thread to quilt it....actually it is called Avocado.  Since the bobbin threads bury themselves in the minky, I used a cream Fil-tec. 

This is a happy quilt.  

Ok.....on to some of my own stuff now.  


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Keeping the hands busy with inbetween projects.....

What with getting all these really "old" UFOs being made  into tops lately, I have been doing some smaller on-the-side  projects in between  because the hands have to be busy all the time.  

On the knitting front, I have made the first of two "Hungry Caterpillar" baby sleep sacks (there's enough yarn in the skeins to make two).  

Yarn used was Madeline Tosh , 100% super wash merino wool.  

This will make such a cute photo op with some cute baby all snuggled in for a nap.  

It was a fun and easy project.

The next project I did was a sewing project called  the Diva Wallet.  This kit has been sitting on my sewing table for a couple of years and I figured now was a good time to get it done since I have been on a roll for getting things completed.



Inside shows six card holders, two open pockets and one zippered pocket.  It all closes with the metal male/female clasp.  

It's a little time consuming, but I already have other fabric combinations in mind. 

Ok....on to the second Hungry Caterpillar.  

Monday, May 31, 2021

Another really old UFO......

Yes, I am still working on really old  UFOs.  I guess that is a good thing.  It does feel good to check it off the list.  

This one has been sitting in a bag on my sewing table for a few months because I did pull it out a few months ago when I was on a roll getting things done, but I stopped just before getting to this one.  

Here's where I started. 

The beige corners are not attached at this point.  

Let me start by saying that several years ago, my sister-in-law and I were in a quilting group and we participated in a 9-patch block exchange.  The blocks had to be 6 1/2" unfinished and we were to use Robyn Pandolph fabrics only.  I love her fabrics!  

This all took place around 2004.

In 2014, my sister-in-law finally put her quilt together and I quilted it for her.  You can see her  9-patch quilt here.  I loved her quilt so much; and since I had 133 blocks!, I thought I would replicate her quilt which I did shortly after doing her quilt.  

As you can see from the above picture, my original plan was a little more complicated and I think that is what held me off from doing that particular quilt.  

Anyways, after doing the 9-patch quilt, I still had plenty of 9-patches left over and that is after donating the ones that weren't made to the correct size or some gals started introducing other fabrics into the  stash because they didn't want to go out and buy more of Robyn's fabric (although at the time, I couldn't get enough of her fabric).  

So, back to 2021, my goal was to finish what I really wanted to do in the first place.  

My inspiration for this quilt was in this magazine, June 2001.

Knowing I had enough 9-patches to make this quilt (less the numerous baskets on the outer border) and the fact that I had to order a couple small pieces of Robin Pandolph fabric from Etsy .....now considered vintage),  I was now determined to get this one done.  

Next step was to add to the setting corners but had  to make them large enough.  

First a green strip.

Then a peach dot.

Corners are now added.  

I then added a strip all the way around in a creamy mottled fabric.

Then comes the last of the 9-patches.  In fact, I only have one left of the 133 that I originally started with.  To make them fit each side, the center 9-patch has a strip on either side to compensate for the discrepancy in size.

One more creamy border to hold in all those 9-patch seams.

Now, instead of doing all those baskets that are in the original pattern (hst are my least favorite things to do anyways), I have one fairly large piece of Robyn's fabric  that I am contemplating using.  Here I just have it auditioning as I have to do some figuring to make sure  I have enough to go all the way around the quilt.  

I have enough!

I have to admit that I am really excited to finally get this one done.  I love the fabric, I  love the center basket and I am already envisioning quilting ideas when I custom quilt this one.  For now, it's going on the to-be-quilted pile since I don't have a backing.  It probably won't be Robyn's fabric since everything I can find for her are in small allotments, but I will make sure it is pretty and I don't  think I will have a hard time finding a solid, maybe grunge, color fabric to bind the quilt in.  

hmmmm....what to work on next.  I don't think it will be a 20 year old UFO though.  Maybe something a little newer as I need to change things up a bit.  

Monday, May 24, 2021

Birthday Exchange Blocks

Here are 13 of 19 blocks that I received in the mail for a birthday  block exchange back in ........oh, I am guessing maybe 2006.   (oops!  later found out they were "only" from 2011)

This group of great gals originated on Alex Andersen's message board way back when.  There was some bickering going on, so the message board was shut down and a good majority of us continued messaging on another site that one of the members set up for us.  We've been friends for years now and actually met centrally once a year in Missouri with gals coming from as far as  California and then all the way from  Maine.  

Anyways, the rules of the exchange were 12 1/2" unfinished block, three choices of stars patterns and we got to request our colors (mine was cream background with a country red). 

Again, I don't know why I waited so long to finally get around to putting these together.  Maybe it was just coming up with the right layout.  I don't know.

Along with these stars, I also, had 12 embroidered stars  (red) given to me by a friend to do with as I pleased.  Since I thought I would kill two birds with one stone by using both types of blocks in one quilt, I had to do some figuring.  The embroidered blocks only measured 12" unfinished.  I cut them down to 9 1/2" and framed them with a windowpane fabric that I recently picked up when  I went on a girls weekend and of course we did a little shopping while we were out.   

First block done looked appealing.

So I continued with the rest.  

I am really happy with how the layout is looking. 

Now that the blocks are sewn into rows and into a finished center (I do have six more pieced stars left over, but there weren't enough of the embroidered star to make it all work out), I will add the borders.

Here's the skinny border to outline the center in a dark brick color. 

Then I am using the windowpane fabric that I used around the embroidered stars as the outer border.  

I am running out of space on the floor for display, but I am loving how this has turned out. 

Binding is  cut from the darker brick colored fabric and ready to go once I get this quilted. 

I will say working on this quilt top brought back a lot of  memories of chatting with these gals on the message boards, getting together at retreat, one is gone from cancer, others I never did get to meet, but the majority of them I got to see almost every year for several years in a row.  How time flies.

So, here's another one for the to-be-quilted pile.  Just need to find a back and it will be ready to go. 

Before putting this all away, I still have six birthday blocks left over. 

 I really didn't want to put them back into the stash, so I decided to make a baby quilt up with them and all the sashing and border fabric I had left over.  

Sashed them.

Put a border on them to make it around 40 x 50"

Also, had enough of the darker fabric to make binding for this quilt, too.  

Until I find some backing fabric for these two quilts, I can put them out of my mind for now.  

That's two more old UFOs done and off my mind and off my list.  

Friday, May 21, 2021

Some found blocks.....

Digging around in one of my boxes of fabrics looking for what I don't know now, I found a pile of blocks that I did eons ago.  I totally forgot all about these blocks, but it has to be at least 20 years ago back when my living room was in these colors.   

There were 14 blocks. 

If I laid them out like this, I would need to make two more blocks. 

I could lay them out like this and then only have one blocks to make.

But that was too odd shape wise. 

Why oh why did I make 14 blocks?

I really don't want to make anymore of these blocks anyways.  

So, I decided to eliminate two blocks and go with the 12 blocks.  The blocks measured out 12 1/2" unfinished.  

So I ran to the store to see what I could find to finish this quilt top and this is what I came up with.  

As I was putting the pink sashing on, I now discovered why I made 14 blocks.  Two of my blocks were too small, so I made two extras so that all of them were 12 1/2" unfinished.  I would really have been up a creek if I  only had 12 and two of them were too small.  Of course, the two I pulled out originally were my least favorite, but now I had to use them and eliminate a couple nice ones.  

Anyways, pink sashing is on.  

Then I attached the dark teal, skinny border. 

Last is my lighter teal, print border which I bought enough for binding, too.  

I now have another completed quilt top and another very old UFO completed.  Feels good to finish up old projects.  

I could make quilt tops all day long if I didn't have to make the blocks!  

Now to find a good backing for this one and then it goes on the to-be-quilted pile.  

There are the two blocks that didn't make the grade which  may just go into a charity quilt.  We'll see.  

I, also, try to make sure I cut and make my bindings when I make my quilt tops so that I am ready to go once it is quilted.

Onto the next project!


Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Pink and brown

 Pink and brown  quilts are one of my favorite combinations.

This customer quilt came in for me to quilt and I've done nothing but think about pulling my own pink and brown reproduction fabrics to make one for myself.  It's not that I haven't made that combination for myself before, but I just love these fabrics and wouldn't mind having another one. 

Not sure there was a particular pattern name for this quilt, but it is made up of some large half square triangles.  Ah.....it just makes my heart go pitter patter.

She requested a swirly design, so we decided on the Jessie's Swirl Simplified pantograph.

It really turned out well. 

I used Coffee Glide thread on top and a brown Fil-Tec bobbin.  

So glad it is done.  It will be in the mail to go back home tomorrow.  I'll miss it; but there are more to do.  

Time to get moving on the next one.  

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I'm just going to say it.......

This quilt is decades old!!!

Ugh!  I really hate to admit that.  

Dug deep in the UFO pile and found this quilt that was one of the first quilts I ever made back in the day when Alex Anderson was my guru.  I am sure it was started in the late 1980s.  

I  was so confident that I could piece  the top with these 8-scalloped doilies that are cut into quarters and then quilt the darn thing on my domestic machine.  So it was taped to the floor in layers and pinned the heck out of it and proceeded to stitch in the ditch.  I was able to remove the safety pins in the areas that I stitched; but even after all this time, I still had to remove over 300 safety pins that were still in the quilt.

I am so glad they didn't leave rusty spots on the quilt.  

Even after removing what I thought were all the pins, I still found a handful of them still in place.

Back then I  had stitched in the ditch (on my domestic) all  straight lines.  We were being taught to leave long tails and then weave them in after we were done quilting.  There were a lot of those and  now in 2021 wove them in while thinking to myself that I won't be doing that again.

I guess I should say here that I had hoped to do feathers on my domestic machine back then, but knowing me, I wanted perfection and I didn't feel I had the ability to do this quilt justice, so it got stored away.  

Scan forward to 2021 and I now own a long arm and  decided that now is the time to get this one done.  

Some waste fabric had to be basted onto the sides of the quilt to allow for loading the quilt onto the longarm; and from there I started with filling in some of the unquilted areas.

I am going to feather this one to death.  

A bright pink Glide thread is being used to longarm quilt at this point.  

Here are some close ups of all the feathers.

I always love to see how the backs look especially when they are a solid or nearly solid.  This back has light pink hearts on it.  


Nope!  Now it's really done!

Another reason to cut your binding when you cut out your quilt and keep it with the quilt.  I, also, don't have to worry about not finding fabric to match the quilt when it comes to binding either.  

   This one wasn't going to go on the to-be-bound pile.  

This quilt is now in the wash to get rid of all the marking pen I used while quilting.  

Feels good to check another one off the UFO pile!

Couple quilts off the longarm

Thursday is our guild meeting so I wanted to get a quilt finished for the charity collection.   I pulled these fabrics from the charity clos...