Thursday, July 29, 2021

Couple finishes......

Started these socks a couple of weeks ago while sitting in the hospital waiting room.  Got the first one done pretty quick and meant to save the second one for the next hospital waiting room coming up tomorrow, but it was working up so quickly that I thought I would just finish it and cast on another pair of sock for the occasion.  

Love how close I matched up the second sock to the first one by pulling through the skein looking for the same spot I started the fist sock (these are self-striping).  I got really close.  There may be a 3-4 row difference, but close enough to be pleased with the end results.

Then I completed the baby quilt that I took off the long arm just a day or two ago by getting the binding on.  

Machine stitched it on and then handstitched it to the back.  

I can totally mark this one off the list of things to do.  

Done for now, but I have another pair of Opal socks started and will be working on those; and there are plenty of quilts to get quilted waiting for me.  We'll see what gets done next.  


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