Tuesday, July 27, 2021

It wasn't my plan.....

My original plan for today was to get batting cut out for three of my own quilts and maybe about four charity quilts for the guild.

Of course, the first quilt I picked up  I thought to myself that maybe the piece of batting I cut off a customer quilt yesterday might be big enough for this baby quilt.  It was!

So, I thought, I will just load it on the machine and be ready to go on this one.  

Well, one thing leads to another and before I knew it, this quilt was done.  

I previously blogged that this quilt resulted from left over birthday exchange blocks which worked up to be big enough for a nice baby quilt.  

In keeping with the star theme, I quilted it with Ribbons and Stars in a cream Glide.

It was pretty quick and easy to get this one finished.  

I especially love the star, embossed, cream minky that I have had for a good five years sitting in the cupboard.  It was just the right size and the perfect color.  

I had bought this on a trip to Shipshewana when I visited Lolly's. They have a room dedicated just for minky/cuddle fabric.  I bought it for another project, but knew in my heart it wasn't really going to match, but I just had to have it because I loved the stars.  I am so glad that I finally found the perfect quilt for it.  

The quilting isn't too dense on this so that it doesn't detract from the embossing.  

For those customers that ask if quilting on the bubble minky or embossed minky ruins the embossing, this goes to show that it does not.  Of course, I wouldn't quilt it too densely just for that purpose. 

So the next course of action is to get the binding on this one so that I can call it a finish.  

I'll head down to the longarm area tomorrow or the next day to get those other battings cut out and then I can hopefully get on a roll with getting some of these quilts finished.  

As it stands....another one bites the dust!  


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