Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Pink and brown

 Pink and brown  quilts are one of my favorite combinations.

This customer quilt came in for me to quilt and I've done nothing but think about pulling my own pink and brown reproduction fabrics to make one for myself.  It's not that I haven't made that combination for myself before, but I just love these fabrics and wouldn't mind having another one. 

Not sure there was a particular pattern name for this quilt, but it is made up of some large half square triangles.  Ah.....it just makes my heart go pitter patter.

She requested a swirly design, so we decided on the Jessie's Swirl Simplified pantograph.

It really turned out well. 

I used Coffee Glide thread on top and a brown Fil-Tec bobbin.  

So glad it is done.  It will be in the mail to go back home tomorrow.  I'll miss it; but there are more to do.  

Time to get moving on the next one.  

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