Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I'm just going to say it.......

This quilt is decades old!!!

Ugh!  I really hate to admit that.  

Dug deep in the UFO pile and found this quilt that was one of the first quilts I ever made back in the day when Alex Anderson was my guru.  I am sure it was started in the late 1980s.  

I  was so confident that I could piece  the top with these 8-scalloped doilies that are cut into quarters and then quilt the darn thing on my domestic machine.  So it was taped to the floor in layers and pinned the heck out of it and proceeded to stitch in the ditch.  I was able to remove the safety pins in the areas that I stitched; but even after all this time, I still had to remove over 300 safety pins that were still in the quilt.

I am so glad they didn't leave rusty spots on the quilt.  

Even after removing what I thought were all the pins, I still found a handful of them still in place.

Back then I  had stitched in the ditch (on my domestic) all  straight lines.  We were being taught to leave long tails and then weave them in after we were done quilting.  There were a lot of those and  now in 2021 wove them in while thinking to myself that I won't be doing that again.

I guess I should say here that I had hoped to do feathers on my domestic machine back then, but knowing me, I wanted perfection and I didn't feel I had the ability to do this quilt justice, so it got stored away.  

Scan forward to 2021 and I now own a long arm and  decided that now is the time to get this one done.  

Some waste fabric had to be basted onto the sides of the quilt to allow for loading the quilt onto the longarm; and from there I started with filling in some of the unquilted areas.

I am going to feather this one to death.  

A bright pink Glide thread is being used to longarm quilt at this point.  

Here are some close ups of all the feathers.

I always love to see how the backs look especially when they are a solid or nearly solid.  This back has light pink hearts on it.  


Nope!  Now it's really done!

Another reason to cut your binding when you cut out your quilt and keep it with the quilt.  I, also, don't have to worry about not finding fabric to match the quilt when it comes to binding either.  

   This one wasn't going to go on the to-be-bound pile.  

This quilt is now in the wash to get rid of all the marking pen I used while quilting.  

Feels good to check another one off the UFO pile!

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