Saturday, February 13, 2021

Knitting binge.......

I've so needed to get back to my quilting, but there  were stitches on my needles and I hated to put them down until they were done.

I started out with this.

Here's my colorwork at the yoke.

I was making a few modifications so that I had more of the turquoise in the pattern.

Right about here I have reached the waistline.

Sorry about the sideways look, but the body is done.  Now on to the arms. arm done.

All done and being blocked here.  

I've worn it and it fits well  and is super warm.  

But if this wasn't enough, I had some downtime in the hospital waiting room and didn't want to drag a big sweater with me, so I found some sock yarn in my stash and cast on a pair of socks for some easy knitting while waiting.

This is what I started with before heading to the hospital.

By the day after the hospital visit, I had my first sock.

....and now there are two.  

This was an extra skein of yarn that I bought when I was buying for my Find Your Fade Shawl, so it did come in handy.

Never fear.

There is more knitting on the horizon for me, although I am going to take a bit of a break because there is quilting to do.  

Up next will be the Boho Beauty Shawl with this lovely bubble gum pink yarn that I got from Sprinkled Fibers. 

I just loved her packaging with all the little sparkly hearts, lips and doilies in there.  She even sent along a bright red pencil.  

The really nice bonus was this stitch marker that replicates a Linzer cookie from Little Bitty Delights.  How special is that?!

For this pattern though, I am going to have to teach myself a new technique  so getting this one started and finished may take some time.

But like I said, there is quilting that needs doing even though in between all this knitting I have been sewing backings together, cutting batting to size and just getting ready in general to start up my quilting.  It all takes time.  

See you when I come up for air.

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