Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Christmas aftermath......

 .....and just like that, Christmas is over.  How does that happen?

We had a lovely holiday celebrating with family on Christmas Eve.  The "white" stuff didn't show up until Christmas Day.  

So I thought I would share with you some of the highlights from our holiday. 

My daughter brought this great spinach/cheese breadstick tree.


I tried a new recipe that was a real hit.  Pretty easy to make and as my kids said, it was very gourmet.  This was suggested by my friend, Sharon.

It's a roasted squash salad with cranberries, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, rosemary and honey.  Sooooo goooooood!!! 


The most heartfelt gift I received this year was from my daughter who cross stitched US with the grandkids.  I just love it.  If you look closely, you can even see my bird Peaches who is 25 years old!

She had us all down to a "T".  These little characters can be found from a book by the The Stitch People.  She made one of these for each family and they were a real hit for everyone.

For the last couple of months, I had been working on some knit projects that I couldn't share until Christmas.   I was knitting Jodi Brown's Slipped Rib Hat .  There was a hat for each of my girls.

They were really simple to make, so I used up the remainder of the yarn from the rose and the green one and made two more.

Then with the left over plum yarn from my GoldWing Sweater, I made yet another one....

 and that's only because I have so much mohair left over from the other hats.

Here's my girls with their hats.

I managed to get a pair of socks finished Christmas night.

This was yarn I purchased at the Pittsburgh Yarn Festival back in 2018 and I was looking to do something with my hands in the evening (like I have a shortage), but was happy to get these started and done.  

At this point, I thought I would pack the needles away, but oh no!  
At the last minute I pulled out some yarn and made this baby hat.  It used up some yarn I had left over from a hat I made a couple years ago and it  utilized a pompom that I had lying around here.  

The hat pattern is Clover and can be found here.  

Although 2020 has felt like this......

I have to admit that it has made me knuckle down and get lots of quilting and lots of knitting done.  So that's not all bad.  

Still, here's hoping that 2021 will be a whole lot better in a whole lot of different ways

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