Friday, January 1, 2021

Good bye 2020.......

 Can't say I will miss you 2020, but the good thing that came out of this year was taking the time to get a huge amount of projects done.  

They say (whoever "they" is) that whatever you do on either New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, it is what you will do all year long.  Well, I bound my last three quilts for the year.  

This included my 13 Cats Halloween quilt, the big heart charity quilt and the dolphin charity quilt.  What a good feeling.  What really amazed me though was my two American Patchwork UFO Challenge sheets that were full (one for sewing and one for knitting)

Sewing wise:

1.  flannel pajama pants

2.  2000 Thimbleberries quilt.

3.  Ms Ivy's Red/Green quilt from 7-Sisters

4.  Four quilted bags

5.  Fall charity quilt

6.  Red Alphabet Charity quilt.

7.  Aqua flannel charity quilt.

8.  Plus quilt.

9  Lotto block yellow/blue quilt.

10.  Modern flower quilt.

11.  4-color sherbet quilt for charity.

12.  Heart/stripe charity quilt.

13.  Thirteen Cats Halloween quilt.

14.  Dolphin charity quilt.

15.  Smiley Face charity quilt.


1.  Cat Love Hat.

2.  Pebble wrap.

3.  Alpacacino Sweater.

4.  Woodland Journey Shawl.

5.  Florentine Cocoon.

6.  Nymph Tee.

7.  Jeweled Cowl.

8.  Navelli Tee.

9.  Six Slipped Rib hats.

10.  GoldWing Sweater.

11.  Leaf Sweater Winter Edition.

12.  Socks.

13.  Baby Clover hat.

These lists don't even count the number of customer quilts that I finished this year for others which was more than I usually do.  

I am blowing myself away!  I need to keep up this momentum and just maybe (lol) I will work through all my UFOs and my stash.  Well, we all know that probably won't happen, but it sure is nice to think positively. 

So, here's to a new year.  Hope everyone has a very Happy New Year and a healthy one, too.  

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