Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Couple quilts off the longarm

Thursday is our guild meeting so I wanted to get a quilt finished for the charity collection.  

I pulled these fabrics from the charity closet; and I think I will donate it to the local cancer center for some gentleman since it looks a bit manly to me.

I had cut the plaid for this  quilt from a roll of fabric that looked as though a stack of fabric  had been die cut for clothing.  I just cut rectangles to the largest size I could get from that pile and then added the variety of blue rectangles to make some improv rows. 

I quilted this one using Jessie's Swirls Simplified pantograph with white Glide thread.

There was, also, a customer quilt that needed to get done before the guild meeting since she will be attending.  

I just love the bright colors in this one; and that bright chartreuse minky just topped it off.  

I used the "Bubbles" panto which kind of mimicked the bubbly multi-colored fabric.  For an bit more fun, I used a chartreuse colored Glide thread to quilt it....actually it is called Avocado.  Since the bobbin threads bury themselves in the minky, I used a cream Fil-tec. 

This is a happy quilt.  

Ok.....on to some of my own stuff now.  


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