Tuesday, June 6, 2017

100 percent STASH

All five charity baby quilts are complete.

100% from the stash.

Four from a layer cake.

One from leftovers from a previous quilt.

Additional fabrics for the tops from the stash.

Backings from the stash.

Batting from my long arming stash.

I quilted four of them with "Angel Wings" and one with "Venice" (pantos)

Bindings ......three made from stash fabric......

one made from the left overs from the backing......

  one was a binding that got misplaced from a baby quilt made years ago and then was found AFTER that quilt was finished. 

 It's  a little brighter dot fabric than a couple of the backings, but I think it works and there was plenty for the binding with just about  6" left over, so it was meant to be.  

What a great feeling to work from the stash.

Better yet.....charity quilts to be donated to a local hospital.

While all this hand stitching of bindings was going on today, I was washing and re-washing the Cherrywood fabric (hand dyed) that will be the background for the Hearts and Hands.  Three times through the washer with an extra fourth rinse just for good measure.  The 13 yards just needs to be pressed and then I am ready to start cutting and getting Hearts and Hands going again (Phase II).

Stay tuned!


  1. You rock, Faye! Keep on keeping on. :)

  2. (Anonymous)Sharon....Hey! Look at you go! Your stash is shrinking, and mine is probably multiplying while I ignore it!
    Beautiful work, as always!!!


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