Friday, June 9, 2017

A new quilter is born.....

Not only in talent, but in heart, too. 

My friends granddaughter has been crafting with her for years and doing some sewing, too.  This year she has been periodically making quilt blocks and yesterday she decided she wanted to put them all together.  

Her reasoning for finally putting them together is that Kaitlyn's friend's dad passed away and Kaitlyn wanted to give this quilt to her.  Now....isn't that the way of all quilters?

Anyways, I got this quilt this morning with  a "rush" on it.  Her grandma decided on the "daisies galore" panto.  So, I got right to it.  

As usual, Nancy (my friend) has the best taste in backings.

How perfect is this backing for this quilt?

All fabrics were chosen from Kaitlyn's grandma's stash (she has a great stash!) and I think she did a wonderful job on her blocks.  I love the modern look of this quilt. 

I think her friend is going to be very touched by this wonderful gift.  

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