Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bits and pieces.....

Just a quick catch up on what's been happening here.  

I just took three of the five charity baby quilts off the Millie.  I had a four yard piece of fabric that I found in the stash and to utilize it the best, I loaded one quilt after another as I was quilting.  

There are three bindings ready and waiting, so these will be done soon. 

Hopefully, I will get to the last two charity quilts tomorrow.

Then yesterday, I took a day-long class with Lenore Crawford and came home with this. 

There is still some stitching and painting that needs to take place on this project before it is finished, but I am really pleased with it so far.  

There are 13 yards of Cherrywood fabric that need to be washed with Synthropal, so that will be taking place in the next day or two and then I will be back at the Hearts and Hands project.

I am trying not to get involved in too many projects at the same time right now.  It feels much better when you can get something done and off the list of things to do, so that is the way I am trying to work right now.

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  1. (Anonymous)Sharon.....Good Grief! You have been so productive lately! Good for you!
    Beautiful work!!


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