Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rainbow's Pot of Gold

See that?!!

The pot of gold is right on the beach outside the penthouse condo I spent a week at in paradise (Luquillo Beach, PR).  

Then there were the three days afterwards spent at Gran Melia in Puerto Rico where we just relaxed. 

I am still basking in all that warmth and sunshine (even though it is just in my head).  

Oh....I could just live at that resort! 

I have been away from my sewing for two weeks now and didn't even think about it while we were gone, but I have two retreats coming up and I need to start thinking about getting prepared for them. 

So, today the quilty chics and I went on a little excursion and went to Mabelena's in Ortonville, MI to look for some solids for the Garden Chevrons quilt that I am prepping for one of the retreats; and this is what I came up with.  

The print in the upper left is the backing and the small print on the upper right is the binding.  ohhhh....I am getting excited about this quilt. 

Also, picked up a few 30s  and some other small prints to go along with the jelly roll  that I received that inspired this quilt to begin with.  

For the second quilt that I need prepped for another retreat, the Diamond Detour, I picked up a background solid.  I decided on a lighter gray making it look even more modern with subtle changes in the grays rather than going with a deeper gray or white.  In my head, I envision this to be really contemporary.  We will see.  

I need to start cutting out my pieces and then I will be all set for my upcoming retreats.  I have time, but we all know how time flies.  

Also, I picked up a dot fabric for the scrappy setting blocks for my Halloween Cats quilt.  

Ok...back to those warm memories.

See the bird?  That's what happens when you sit still too long.  


  1. That resort looks beautiful!

  2. What a gorgeous destination you chose for some R & R!
    You have me curious now to see what you are making for that first quilting project!
    Hoping you have a productive retreat and bring home lots of show & tell!

  3. You definitely needed to go there! Hoping the warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves soothed away your stresses and brought much comfort. And then there was fabric for icing on the cake...and more retreats yet to come...good for you!!

  4. You needed (and deserved) that break in the warm weather. Looks like the perfect place to relax and recharge. Looking forward to seeing what progress you make while you're away retreating with your friends.

  5. I'm really glad you had such a nice get-away. You deserve it! LOTS of projects for retreats. Make suer you save time to visit!


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