Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I'm a quilter!!!

So tell me.....

how do these things follow me home?

My sister-in-law convinced me this one (Flirty) is quick and easy. 

I picked this merino wool in a colorway call "solitude".  

When I went into the yarn shop, I saw Peacock's Pride made up and just had to have it.  

I still need to go back and find a contrasting yarn that will go with this beautiful turquoise. 

But...this one is done in brioche knitting.

I don't know how to do brioche knitting.  

What was I thinking?

But.....I want it. me.  


  1. I had a 2 or 3 month "Knitting Season"....I guess you are about to have one too!
    Such beautiful colors. Have fun!
    (Anonymous Sharon from Totally Obsessed with All Things Creative)

  2. They follow you home because they are lovely & you have good taste!!! Being a quilter means you have an eye for color and design...and hands must be constantly creating. Never fear, never fight it - and remember - we all understand:-) Can you imagine days without some form of fiber? Please keep us posted on brioche knitting - that is a new term to this wannabee knitter too....

  3. They followed you home because quilter's have a great eye for color and beauty! ;)
    Knitting is something I wish to master one day.
    For now, I am happy to admire the work of others.

  4. What a beautiful design you have selected. I know nothing about about the stitch you are going to be working with.
    I noticed your Food For Thought above and at first glance thought it said "money" and not "memory". I think I would have a lot of fun unpacking a treasure chest of money more than packing it. LOL!


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