Sunday, March 31, 2013

Delivery date date

October 11, 2013
My daughter and son-in-law handed out these eggs and this is what we found inside them.
We are so excited about having another grand baby in the family.
Now the second delivery date I have to announce (March 28, 2013).
Some of you may recognize this box.
If not....this was inside it.
My new baby.
I am now the proud new owner of a 2013 Millenium from APQS. 
I couldn't be more happy with the two latest additions to my family (well, one of them is an almost addition....LOL).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A little surprise arrived.....

I think Pat over at sympathizes with my recent accident where I broke my dominant arm after a fall on the ice which required surgery.  I have been complaining that I can't sew, can't knit and find that the small things of daily living are quite hard.  She had broken both arms in the past.  I can't even imagine.  I don't even WANT to imagine.

But....she put a smile on my face when I got this in the mail.

She knows I love French General fabric. From these three FQ I am thinking of making one of the "little quilts" that seem so popular right now.  She sent me the sweetest note, too.  Best of all is the "oh so pretty" sachet filled with lemon verbena and lavender right from her very own garden.  That is super special to me.
So Pat....when I can again write with my "not so good hand right now" again, you will get a personal thank you from me.
I really needed that ray of sunshine
Thank you.
Aren't friends the best? ...even when they are blogger friends.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What did I buy in Lancaster?

I have been asked but had to wait until I had the strength in my hand to push the button on the camera.
So, here's the stash.
Thread and thread cards
Quilt hanger
Six yards of an adorable baby fabric. $6 a yard
Leader grips
A gift bag from the hotel.
.....and a fat 1/8th bundle as a gift from an on-line friend.
Would have bought more but the vendor I was looking for was not at the show.
So, I am thinking I didn't do too bad since DH had to sign all the credit transactions.

Monday, March 18, 2013

AQS Lancaster......

Semi-finalist here!!!
This is it for pictures because as you can see I have a broken wing and had to depend on my husband to take pictures. He was, also, my credit card holder, chauffeur and whatever it took to get me there and through the you all can imagine.  (I AM right-handed).
I did plenty of shopping at all the vendors and ran into and met some of my online friends whom I have  been chatting with for years on a couple message boards.
This was just two days after surgery, so I feel fortunate to have gotten to Lancaster to see my quilt.
I'll post more good stuff when it isn't so hard and tedious to type. Just wanted to share while the excitement was fresh.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feeling sorry for myself.....

Here's my get well card.
Inside says....
there's nothing a little lipstick can't fix.
Well, it can't fix this.
sorry about the bad picture, but that's what happens when you are right handed and you break your right arm.
I've been going crazy and it's only been 6 days.  Surgery isn't even until Tuesday.
I did get antsy and decided to lay out some very old blocks....and I do mean old!
They are Christmas fabric and the pattern was from a charity project.....possibly Turning Twenty.
There were to be no butting up of seams within the blocks, but I have a couple and that is ok.  At least I feel like I have accomplished something. 
Ok....back to putting my arm over my head.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No blogging, No sewing......

I apologize to those who have commented on my posts and I have not responded to you with a thank you.
I fell Monday and broke my right wrist (and I am right handed) in two places.  I am scheduled for surgery next Tuesday for a plate and pins.
It is just too hard to type too much with one finger on the left hand.
When this is done and over, I should have plenty to report as my quilt is in Lancaster and come hell or high water I am going to see it in person for all to see; and I will have some exciting news to share, too.
See you soon!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Yellow fabric came in yesterday and I just couldn't resist getting this one  done and onto the" to be quilted" pile. 
This was the second B/W quilt top that got made as the result of my wanting to use up all the blacks and whites in my stash.  But after making the b/w and red queen sized quilt, I was getting  pretty tired of working with these strips. 
Here's a close up of the corner.
Just as a reminder, here is the one with red.
I have enough of these strip to make another one, but I think I am just going to put them away for the time being or it might be a donation to the guild.  We will see. 
I am thinking the yellow one may be a charity quilt, too. 
As for the Buzzzz title.....I am thinking this one reminds me  of a bumble bee. it's a stretch.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

Checking things off the list.

I may not be checking big things off the list, but anything is better than nothing. 
My two daughters have quilts that their grandmother made them and there were no labels, so I thought it was about time that we dated these quilts and had a little history to go with them. 
This is a queen-sized quilt that my mother-in-law made for my oldest daughter back in 1983.
She buttonhole stitched all the butterflies down and had it hand quilted by a  group of ladies from our church. 
The next quilt was for my youngest daughter and it is the yellow rose made in 1989.  It, too, is a queen sized quilt and hand buttonholed.
This was the last quilt that my mother-in-law made and it was the last quilt hand quilted by the ladies at church.  Their group disbanded right after this quilt was complete.
Both of these quilts were die-cut kits. 
My mother-in-law made six quilts for her six grandchildren and to my knowledge these are the only quilts she ever made. 
So, labels are made and  that is two things checked off my lengthy list.
Now....this week I have received two packages in the mail.
Solids to add to the wedding string quilt (I don't think half of these are going to work).
The plan for the yellow is to make a couple small borders on one of my black/white quilts that I worked on recently. 
No pictures, but I have started cutting out  my
"Gathering Baskets" quilt, too. 
So...other than the "new" wedding project, I am moving ahead on getting things checked off my list of things to complete in my sewing room.  

I said I wouldn't......

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