Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No blogging, No sewing......

I apologize to those who have commented on my posts and I have not responded to you with a thank you.
I fell Monday and broke my right wrist (and I am right handed) in two places.  I am scheduled for surgery next Tuesday for a plate and pins.
It is just too hard to type too much with one finger on the left hand.
When this is done and over, I should have plenty to report as my quilt is in Lancaster and come hell or high water I am going to see it in person for all to see; and I will have some exciting news to share, too.
See you soon!


  1. Oh no ! SO sorry to hear you broke your wrist :-( Take care and wishing you a speedy recovery

  2. Oh goodness, now why did you go and do something so silly. You only want injuries that don't allow you to go to work, but where you can still quilt. Hoping for a very successful surgery and a speedy recovery, listen to your dr's. Can't wait to see your quilt hanging at the show, make sure you get lots of good pictures. big hugs to you!

  3. Ouch! So sorry to hear that! Praying that you heal quickly!
    Coming to Lancaster!! I don't go to the AQS show in Lancaster city -
    my Guild volunteers there - say "hello" (-: Red Rose Quilters
    I go to where it used to be held in the Lancaster Host on Lincoln

  4. I am so so sorry this has happened and I hate to think of you being in pain. You need to figure out a way to not do household duties but still be able to do some kind of stitching. By the way, where are the photos??

  5. So sorry!! Best wishes for a quick recovery!

  6. Oh no Mimi - this can't be. I did the same thing to both wrists and totally understand what this is all about. Had surgery and an external fixator on the left. Not the best time in my life. The right one had just a cast.
    Rehab when they tell you to - it is vital to get everything moving again as soon as possible. And count on your dear husband to help dress you for awhile and maybe cut up your food. Take care and get pampered.
    Thinking of you. Sure hope you get to Lancaster!!!

  7. You have my sympathy, that's not an easy one to put up with. Please get better soon and don't worry about replying.

  8. OMG I'm so sorry to hear!!!
    Good luck with the surgery - hang in there!
    I'll check out your quilt at the show

  9. Oh, what a shame! Best wishes for a speedy and smooth recovery!

  10. So sorry to hear you broke your wrist Faye! I hope the surgery goes well and you heal quickly from it!
    Enjoy Lancaster - how exciting, I can't wait to see pictures of your quilt there!

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. I know what it's like to be one-handed! Hope you'll be right as rain in no time! BTW, I'm also having surgery the same day, so we can commiserate together!

  12. Oops! O I am so sorry! I just now am doing some past-due blog reading so only now finding out about your fracture and upcoming surgery. Hugs xo



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