Saturday, March 2, 2013


Yellow fabric came in yesterday and I just couldn't resist getting this one  done and onto the" to be quilted" pile. 
This was the second B/W quilt top that got made as the result of my wanting to use up all the blacks and whites in my stash.  But after making the b/w and red queen sized quilt, I was getting  pretty tired of working with these strips. 
Here's a close up of the corner.
Just as a reminder, here is the one with red.
I have enough of these strip to make another one, but I think I am just going to put them away for the time being or it might be a donation to the guild.  We will see. 
I am thinking the yellow one may be a charity quilt, too. 
As for the Buzzzz title.....I am thinking this one reminds me  of a bumble bee. it's a stretch.  


  1. Looking good! Love the yellow with the b and w! I also bought the gathering baskets pattern. Can't wait to start it!

  2. I love how this 2nd B+W quilt turned out too!
    That yellow border design is fantastic!
    Congratulations on another wonderful finish!

  3. I love the yellow, black and white! It's sunshine on a cloudy day... as the Temptations would say!

  4. I made a quilt quite a while ago with black and white squares for the backgroun, then there is large flowers appliqued on top. I'm trying to remember who's pattern it was. If I remember I'll let you know as you may fancy to amke it.

  5. 2 great finishes ! I just love the yellow fabric ! I would like to make a black & white quilt , it has been on my to do list for awhile ;-)

  6. I love them both and you've reminded me of my black and white stash, I used to use them quite a bit but not so much anymore.

  7. I really love what you came up with just using the leftovers. The double yellow border is great!

  8. I really like what that yellow border does. Great job.

  9. That is one combination of colors I don't have much of at all. Our latest guild friendship block is blacks and whites and its a task to work with them but a good way to learn.
    I like the spark of yellow you used - good for you to use up some of your stash and create such dramatic quilts!

  10. Love your B&Ws! If you decide to do one last one, might I suggest turquoise as your other color. I love that combination!


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