Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


In preparation for Halloween and the grandkids costumes, my daughter mentioned that she was going to make Cole Kermit the Frog, but she needed to find a kelly green cap, so I offered to knit one.

I used the same pattern that I had used for the NICU caps, but used an inexpensive yarn from Joann's that was a little heavier and knitted it on the same sized needles.

My daughter had painted the two eyes on a Styrofoam ball and cut it in half and so as not to ruin the cap, I threaded the yarn through two large buttons that she could glue the eyes on to. Then she could thread the yarn through the cap and just tie a bow or knot.

She has made Kermit's collar out of felt , but for now she has just send me a trial run on the hat and I think this is going to be the cutest Kermit around, if not the happiest.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Shopping today.....

Did some home shopping via the internet and ordered the full kit for Just Ducky.

My dear daughter has a friend who is going to have her first baby on Valentine's Day and I love her like she is my own. When I saw this quilt, I just knew that this is the one that I had to make for her.
Also, checked out a new quilt shop in my area that has been open only three weeks. It's called Tomorrow's Treasures and my friend, Nancy, and I just loved it. There wasn't a whole lot in there yet, but what she had was great and her decor is very promising. We are really looking forward to her growing into a great quilt shop. It's always good to have another shop in the area, too.

I picked up a couple yards ....just because... and a FQ that will go along with my cafe au lait I need more fabric for that quilt!!!!
Oh well, what better things to do on a cold, rainy, Friday?!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween giveaway!!!

If you want to participate with what looks like a great giveaway, go here. These fabrics look absolutely wonderful and anyone that loves Halloween like I do, will really have a blast making something out of these great fabrics.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall quilts....

I have been enjoying everyone's Fall pictures on their blogs, so I thought I would share a couple quilts that I have on display for the season. The first one is my pumpkin patch/scarecrow that is hanging in my sewing room.

This next one is on my bed and it my first maple leaf quilt. The leaves were made from a variety of scraps of mine and friends'.

The last one is a stack and slash Halloween quilt where my sister-in-law and I exchanged fabrics. There are some glow in the dark pumpkin and cat eyes, stars, skeletons and pumpkin smiles. Just a fun quilt.

Also, here are the three pair of completed knit, wool socks, too. They are all done just in time for the cool (or should I say "cold") weather that we are experiencing right now.

For those of you who love Fall.....enjoy. Winter is right around the corner.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I need my youngest dear daughter's foot to see how much further I need to go on her alpaca sock.

I am on such a roll with socks lately. I guess once I figured out how to turn the heel, they are so much easier than I could ever have imagined. If she doesn't like this one, I will keep it because that alpaca yarn is sooooooo soft and nice to work with.

Also, wanted to show you a couple little pix of my grandson's third birthday yesterday. He is such a gem. Happy Birthday Cameron!!!

There seems to be a piggy theme going here. He did ask for a farm animal birthday, but he really likes his piggy. :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Wayward blocks have returned.....

The Hearts and Hands blocks that I was working on while away at my mini retreat a week ago with my friends ...which I left on the design wall ......have been sent back to me. Now I can sigh a sigh of relief and enjoy looking at them. I now have a total of 28 blocks.

The starburst ones are paper pieced and there are two that still need the applique centers made, but overall, I think that was some pretty good headway on this quilt.

Also, I have been working on some of the kitchen yarn bibs. There are a couple more made. Must tell you that my oldest dear daughter just loves them and says they hold a lot of drool from my little grandson. That's good!

Also, have one sock for her completely done and the other one is well on it's way. The pink alpaca yarn got all balled up (is that a knitting term???) and I am so anxious to start making a pair of socks out of it for my youngest dear daughter. I think it is going to knit up quite beautifully.

Well, gotta get back to those socks so I can then start on the pink ones!

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