Wednesday, October 28, 2009


In preparation for Halloween and the grandkids costumes, my daughter mentioned that she was going to make Cole Kermit the Frog, but she needed to find a kelly green cap, so I offered to knit one.

I used the same pattern that I had used for the NICU caps, but used an inexpensive yarn from Joann's that was a little heavier and knitted it on the same sized needles.

My daughter had painted the two eyes on a Styrofoam ball and cut it in half and so as not to ruin the cap, I threaded the yarn through two large buttons that she could glue the eyes on to. Then she could thread the yarn through the cap and just tie a bow or knot.

She has made Kermit's collar out of felt , but for now she has just send me a trial run on the hat and I think this is going to be the cutest Kermit around, if not the happiest.


  1. Aah, that's so cute!

  2. OMG what a cute hat and Cole is absolutely adorable - what a great smile!


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