Friday, October 23, 2009

Shopping today.....

Did some home shopping via the internet and ordered the full kit for Just Ducky.

My dear daughter has a friend who is going to have her first baby on Valentine's Day and I love her like she is my own. When I saw this quilt, I just knew that this is the one that I had to make for her.
Also, checked out a new quilt shop in my area that has been open only three weeks. It's called Tomorrow's Treasures and my friend, Nancy, and I just loved it. There wasn't a whole lot in there yet, but what she had was great and her decor is very promising. We are really looking forward to her growing into a great quilt shop. It's always good to have another shop in the area, too.

I picked up a couple yards ....just because... and a FQ that will go along with my cafe au lait I need more fabric for that quilt!!!!
Oh well, what better things to do on a cold, rainy, Friday?!!!


  1. That's a really cute quilt ..... love those fabrics and I see we have the same horrible weather, except add "windy" to the mix and it's downright ugly out. DD and I walked to school for a Halloween Party - just one block away - got totally drenched both ways!

  2. Oh, boy, another project to start! Love the Ducky quilt!



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