Friday, May 28, 2010

Per your request, plus.....

Here are all eight of the Beyond the Cherry Tree Album Quilt blocks thus far. 

I am running out of design wall space, so I will be taking these down for the time being. There will be a total of 25 blocks, PLUS a viney border with cherries all the way around.  I may never get to see this up on the wall again. am I ever going to decide how to lay it out?  Oh well, time will tell.

Now for the plus....there are a few bloggers who are working on Dear Jane.  I started mine quite awhile ago, but keep putting it away to work on something more pressing.  I jokingly say that I will be taking this one to the "home" with me, but I have been re-inspired after seeing  Doreen's from and her goal of having it done by March of 2011.  I bow down to her for such a lofty goal. 

Anyways, I got mine out to see just where I was at; and this is what I have, although on my check off list, I show that I have another three or so floating around somewhere, so I am going to have to do some hunting.

I have one block that I didn't sew according to the pattern (the bottom one) and I am thinking of re-doing it, but for now, I am thinking of keeping these up on the design wall to keep me motivated and just maybe I will work on a block or two every once in awhile to reach my goal of completion....maybe before the "home". 


  1. Your BOM blocks are coming along nicely. It's fun to watch your progress. Why did I think you were doing your Dear Jane in only black and creams? Is that another quilt?

  2. Love all those blocks together and OMG, I didn't know you were doing a Dear Jane! You're full of surprises :-) Have a good long weekend - hope your weather is good to you.

  3. I love your BOM blocks. They look wonderful together. You do such good work. You are my inspiration.

  4. Your bom is looking great. She might give us the final layout when all the blocks are posted. I love the variety of backgrounds, it really adds interest to your blocks. Thanks for sharing them all.

  5. The grass is always greener. I love your DJ blocks, but I'm thinking I need to go back to applique after seeing your Cherry Tree. I love then!! Wow. Beautiful...

  6. The BOM is going to be gorgeous. You do such beautiful work. I'm glad you're getting back to the Dear Jane. It's fun watching your progress.

  7. Oh I love your Beyond the Cherry Trees blocks! Wonderful work!

    You should just do a DJ block here and there and believe me they will add up quickly. I should follow my own advice, shouldn't I?! Haven't touched my JanieBright in a couple of months :o(

  8. Your appliqued blocks are fantastic! And your Stickle blocks reminds me I have blocks made, also. Don't redo that last block. It looks wonderful, and makes this YOUR quilt! I vote for
    'it stays as it lays'!!

  9. THank you for sharing pictures of your BOM blocks! They are all gorgeous! This quilt will be an amazing heirloom once finished!
    Your DJ blocks are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing those as well.
    Very sweet of you to mention me in your post too!
    I've added your blog with pictorial updates to the sidebar of mine. Your work is SO lovely!


  10. Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt is spectacular. I love each of the blocks and adore the colors that you used. This is going to be a real treasure once completed.

  11. Just beautiful applique blocks - and I love your patterned backgrounds. Look forward to seeing more in the future.K


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