Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beyond the Cherry Trees Album Quilt is started.....

This is the BOM that I will be working on for some time to come I am sure. It is being offered over at Sentimental Stitches. Vicki over at  What a Load of Scrap blog was lucky enough to see this quilt in person and she took this picture. 

I just started what will be my first block and that is because I thought it was the easiest to work on. (Four blocks are now available.) What was I thinking? There were 12 flower petals and 18 leaves that need to be appliqued on this one. Not as easy as I thought. I should mention that I am doing my blocks very scrappy with scrappy backgrounds, too. I so wanted to do a red and green applique quilt.

Anyways, I have some greens picked out for the leaves. Not sure I will use the lighter greens, but I know some friends who would say "go for it", so I am going to give it a try. You can see the freezer paper pattern that I drew up so that I can use it to correctly place my pedals and leaves and the light box that I am using for this process is the extra insert that I got for my SewEzi table.

Here it is with my Ott light below for the light source. It worked out great. If you remember, I usually tape my stuff to the window which doesn't work well at night....when I am usually wanting to do something like this.

I do have to mention to you though that when I received my table for my Christmas gift, the wrong insert was sent to me for my machine. Now mind you, my machine wasn't listed on the available inserts for particular machines, but I e-mailed SewEzi and asked if they had it and they said yes, but the one they sent didn't fit. So with a couple emails, an e-mailed drawing for a template and some more readjusting at our end, they sent me a new one that fits perfectly..... all in less than two weeks. They were so courteous, quick to fix the problem and very helpful, and even though I think I may have been a guinea pig for a new machine that they didn't have a template for, I really can't complain. It fits great and as you can see my machine fits like a glove, so I am ready to go.
Well, I guess I am ready to go cut some green fabric and start on my leaves. Hopefully next post will be a completed block.


  1. That's nice that the problem with the table was taken care of promptly. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed first block of the BOM. Keep up the good work.

  2. I can't believe you have started another intricate applique quilt. But, if anyone can do it, you can. Your work is so gorgeous. You have inspired me to get back to some applique! Thanks!

  3. I was so tired I went to bed early last night, but not before I ck'd your blog to see if you had posted (you hadn't yet) because I KNEW you were going to post your day's work. And You Did!
    It's lovely. And I'd use all the different greens that I could, b'cuz it will give it the old-timey look that the origional has....But it's your should do your own thing!


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