Thursday, October 8, 2020

Looking for something simple?

If you are in need of a simple quilt, try what I call color blocking.  I saw something like this one on Instagram (sorry I no longer have the picture or remember who posted it) and I thought the possibilities for this quilt were endless, so I just had to give it a try.  

The point of this quilt is that you are letting the colors and the quilting do all the talking. 

This one goes from pinks to oranges.

But like I said, the colors are endless.  

I can see this done up in a variety of blues......or how about some variation of grays?......or even crayola colors (rainbow colors).  Just pick a color you love or that compliments the room you would use it in.  

For this one I used a pantograph called "funky feathers petite".  I felt this simple quilt was conducive to a very dense quilting pattern.

With a solid backing, the quilting really shows up well.    Minky would work well here, too.  

 I have a panto that is zoo animals that I think would really look cute, too.  Oh, the possibilities; and the colors just make me smile.  

I can see more of these quilts in my future.  


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