Tuesday, October 9, 2018

What's new?

Got myself into the sewing room to look for some fat quarters for an upcoming class I will be taking after guild this week and came across some of my latest "finished" knitting projects.  

I was waiting for a good hair day (possibly), nice weather (it's 83* out today)  and when my personal photographer (DH) was available.  These have been done for awhile, but I just hadn't modeled them yet.

This is the Harmony Headband for cold weather.

Here's a couple views of the 3-color Cashmere Cowl.

This one just needed fringe attached, so I finished it up.  It's going to be a warm one.  It's called the Hipster Shawl. 

Found my coordinating FQs along with some scraps and cut them up with my Accuquilt into 2 1/2" strips.  This is a class I will be taking with Theadra Fleming.

Also, I am pulling out another knit project that has been fermenting in its box for awhile.   We will be taking a little road trip and I thought I could use some handwork to take with me.

Feels so good to be able to have the time to work on my crafts once again.  

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  1. 83 degrees?? - Summer must still be around in your neck of the woods...look out though...our temps have plunged, the winds have picked up and it was snowing just 1/2 hour ago...Your knitting has produced some wonderful accessories to wear and that blue shawl is stunning! Happy for you that now there is more time to take up needle(s) and thread/yarn.


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