Monday, September 17, 2018


The word comes from German, in which wander means "to wander," and Lust means "desire."

I am reaching that point in this kitchen re-do.  We are getting there, but it's taking so long...or so it seems. 

My wanderlust comes now because my guilds have started this month and I "lust" to get into my sewing room or downstairs to my long arm.   Plans are being made with the guilds; and I realize I need to get busy so that I am prepared for an upcoming class and an upcoming retreat.  I have customer quilts to get to, too.  

The grandkids are back in school and involved in soccer again.  I have missed two of their games because I was so engrossed in painting kitchen cupboards that I forgot to go.  😩

Anyways, here is where we are in the kitchen renovations.  First off.....EVERY DAY consists of painting one or two coats of paint on kitchen cupboards.  In between......

The stove hood got put up.

Wow...that tile looks super shiny, but is reality it is brushed  stainless steel and glass blocks.  I think the flash made it look like "gems".

Then this came in the mail yesterday.

That's all our hinges.

Make no DH didn't waste any time getting the doors put up.

It's looking so close to being finished, but I refuse to move into those cupboards knowing he is going to make more sawdust when we install the handles.  We will be picking them up once our big  Menard's rebate comes in.

While we are waiting for that, I am painting the island and the bathroom cabinet with a different color of paint. 

It is from Magnolia (cupboard paint) in a color called Elemental which is a dark taupe or mushroom-y color.

I am only doing the front of the island so far as we are going to "beef up" the other three sides of the island to make it look more like a finer piece of furniture.

My carpenter (actually my son) had a bit of an accident at his home and he will be laid up for a couple of months, so DH and I are going to try and figure out how to do this on our own (Pinterest idea).  

Also, in my kitchenette, I had a quilt rack that was antique red that I am painting to match.

Tomorrow paint will be going on the door fronts (2 coats).  Each day brings us a little closer which means that we will no longer be living out of boxes that are scattered in the living room.  It hasn't been easy finding things that you need when it comes to meal times, so I am ready to get those unpacked and all back into the newly finished cupboards.  

It won't be long now!

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  1. Oh no - hoping your son (and carpenter) will be ok and recovery goes smoothly. These latest images of your kitchen show something straight out of House Beautiful!! Everything is really coming together and you will be so ready for holiday entertaining in grand style.


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