Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kitchen finish is in site

The next big project in the kitchen renovation is to "beef up" the island.  Originally this island was oriented with the cupboard doors facing the kitchen sink making the kitchen appear "square".  We now have the island turned the long way which gives us more room to walk around in the kitchen; and when adding the quartz to the top, we made that bigger.  OUR job now is to make the island look a little heavier and more like a fine piece of furniture.  I found a tutorial on how to do this on Pinterest and we did our own variation after reading their directions.  You can find it here.

So, the first thing we did was add bead board on the three sides.

We glued and nailed it in place.

Beadboards' up.

Then we framed it with 1x4 oak trim.

Corbels were added mainly for decoration.

Filler boards are added at the very bottom to have something to nail the fancy mouldings to.

Two separate mouldings were added next.

As we were standing back admiring our handiwork, the mailman came.  

Thankfully, he brought us our "big" Menards rebate that we have been waiting for so that we could go and buy our handles for the cupboards.  Perfect timing, wouldn't you say?

Here's  the first handle.  There are only 36 more to go.  

So, while DH was doing that, I was painting the island.

Here it is done after three coats of paint.

I think the raw wood that was added for the trim and the bead board (although the bead board  was already primed in white) soaked up paint and that is why this required three coats.  

Guess I will be moving back into my cupboards before the weekend.  I know my husband will be glad that we aren't living our of boxes that are all stacked in the living room.  Truthfully, I will be, too.  I need to get life back to normal.

Quilting, knitting and just plain old kicking back for a I come. 

For my next post, I am going to try and post a couple of before and after videos so that you can see all the changes we made in the kitchen.  From here on out though....I hope to only be showing you what my next quilting project is.  

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  1. Your island redo sure turned out nice - it looks great! Pinterest sure has some wonderful ideas and you chose a good one for your island. Bet you are excited to restock all those cupboards - Fall and Holiday baking will be so much fun this year. And enjoy getting back to the stitching and knitting!!


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