Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I said I wouldn't......

I meant it when I said it.
But I failed and ended up doing it.

I picked up the knitting needles instead of getting back to my pile of quilting.

My momentum was disrupted and I got a little burned out quilting 7 quilts in less than 7 days and then getting 5 of them bound in no time at all.  So glad two of those quilts went back home with the customer.

I then found myself staring at "not so good" TV  for a couple of nights and decided "what would it hurt to pick up a small, mindless project just to keep my hands busy".

So.....I now have my first Christmas present made.

That can't be all bad, right?

Of course, while I was knitting that, I am thinking about this yarn that I had bought a few years ago when I was on a retreat in St. Louis. It's by Koigu.

It's been so long since I bought it, I don't remember what I bought it for and the fact that I don't want a bunch of yarn stacking up unless I have a project in mind (let me rephrase that, I don't want too many projects piling up), I decided to go on a hunt for a pattern.  

I found this.

It's called Therapy.  

Well, I had enough of the main yarn for this project, but now I needed two contrasting colors to go with it.  So I went over to Ewe-nique Knits (my favorite yarn show in the area) and the owner graciously pulled about 20 skeins that would go with what I had. I highly recommend this knit shop.   I chose these two.

I think they go well together.

I am on a roll with this shawl.  Here's where I am at right now.

I am ready to add the third color yarn.  These two yarns so far tend to "fade" together.  I started with the "lipstick" in a solid, then there is a stripe, lace, stripe and then the variegated is worked in a large area.  I will be adding the "sweetcorn" color next in a stripe effect.  I am thinking this will be done in no time at all since it's been going pretty fast so far.  

I have plenty of other knitting projects waiting in the wings, but they require quite a bit of concentration, so I foresee putting the needles down once this shawl is done and getting back to my quilting; but for now, I will have some things completed for the cooler weather when it comes again here in Michigan.  

Stay tuned.

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  1. As with quilters, I think there might be a support group for knitters too. (Of course - it is called a Yarn Shop) With those beautiful yarns who could resist though...I totally understand:-)


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