Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Pack, Unpack, Repeat.....

Packed up the knitting needles after I finished the project that I was working on.

I have quilts that need quilting and a customer quilt did come in, but it came in about the time we were getting ready to leave for a mini vacation.  So, I didn't feel like I had time to get to it because I was busy taking care of business and packing the suitcases.

What am I going to do with my hands?

Well, I unpacked the needles again and thought I would cast on an easy project to work on while we were at the lake.

I started this cowl (3-color-cashmere cowl; although this is not cashmere).  I didn't have the right length needle, so I ran to the yarn shop and picked up the correct needle length and surprisingly a skein of yarn jumped into my shopping cart.

What can I say?

Anyways, in the evenings before leaving for vacation, I did this.....

I packed up my project and never touched it while we were at the lake.  Go figure. 

Got home and unpacked my suitcases and my  project.

We've been home two days and I have been feverishly knitting away and now I have a completed cowl.

Looks like a cowl for a giraffe, doesn't it?  It'll look great all scrunched up around my neck though.

I just love all the textures in this cowl.  



and even this texture that reminds me of ostrich leather.

Ok....all that needs to be done is to weave in my threads and then block this thing.   

Now....I am not even going to say that I am going to pack my needles away because I never seem to do what I say; but I did bring home another quilt to do for a friend who lives up North, so now I really have to get to my quilting.  I can't get behind on customer quilts, but I do have to say that the yarn is calling my name.  

So...I am off to unpack the quilts that were given to me to work on and get busy on those, but just maybe I will cast on a really small knit project with that pretty baby blue yarn that shouldn't take long.   It's just a headband to be worn in the cooler weather to keep my ears warm.  Hey....with all this knitting....I will be ready for winter when it comes around sooner than later I am sure.  

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  1. Isn’t it remarkable how an item can just suddenly “jump into a shopping cart” - It’s like - oh I need to go home with you...yarn, fabric, flowers...who can resist!! Hope you had a very relaxing and fun time at the lake...sounds like a good place to recharge the batteries.


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