Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Feeling like Christmas

Back in January I did something I have never done.  I pre-ordered a fabric line that hadn't come out yet.  I love Fig Tree Quilts and all their fabrics and if I remember correctly we did get a sneak peak at their new Christmas line, Christmas Figs.  They said if we ordered it then, we could order a pattern free of charge.

Well, today my package was delivered.

Picking a free pattern wasn't easy though......they were all so pretty.  

Anyways, I could not pass this up.  I do NOT need fabric, but these were just the perfect shades of reds (cherry) and greens that I would like to make something for Christmas.  In fact, I think I have about three projects in mind  that I would like to make with this line.  Thus, the reason for ordering the whole line so that I knew exactly what was in it  as each store doesn't always carry them all.  

I have to say that this delivery put a smile on my face today.  

I was slaving at the stove this afternoon canning some Georgia peaches.  I am not so happy with the new-to-me method of hot packing the peaches.  I ended up with way too much simple syrup in each jar, but I will take it as a learning experience.  Last Fall when I did Michigan peaches, I am pretty sure I cold packed them and had a whole lot more peaches in each jar.  Oh well, I am sure they are going to taste just as good.  

This is just a small batch; and I am thinking of doing another small batch in a couple of weeks when the truck from Georgia comes through again.  

Now I can kick back and go through all my new fabrics and come up with a plan for my three  projects.  We'll see how that goes.  

Have a good one!


  1. Your Fig Tree fabrics look as luscious as those Georgia peaches! We have our local Mennonite store just down the road and I am waiting for the Michigan & Pennsylvania peaches to arrive...yum!

  2. Think there are a lot of loving Figgy Christmas fabrics and already want to make table runners and lots of things with it.
    Peaches look yummy ;)))


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