Sunday, July 8, 2018

Not quite a marathon......

Of all the quilts that I just recently finished quilting on my Millie, two have gone home to their owner and the other ones needed binding by me.  My goal was to do a marathon of binding, but that didn't quite happen.  The holiday got in the way  (Fourth of July happenings) which put a crimp in my momentum and my fingers protested with so much binding ( I hand stitch all my bindings down).    So, it wasn't much of a marathon, but....they are now done.

Now I need to get my momentum going again so that I can  move forward with the "to-be-quilted" pile.  I keep coming up with excuses's SO HOT outside.....I'd rather knit right now (maybe not, because it is so hot outside).....I just want to veg because it is so hot outside.........I need to wait for my thread order to come in.......

Sounds like a bunch of excuses to me.

Well, we will see which one of these wins or if I can get myself back in the mood.  Once I start, I am sure I  will get my momentum back in no time at all.

It's just a good feeling to have what I have worked on so far  100 percent done.  


  1. Great job on finishing those quilts! I have lost my momentum also. I keep four busy and hungry grandsons in the summer. Hoping I find it when school starts back next month!

  2. That pile of bound quilts is very impressive! You can feel good about all the progress made and have earned a break - this is definitely turning out to be a warm summer - our grass is crunchy when you walk on it...


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