Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Still progressing.......

I feel that nothing is getting completed, but I am still moving forward on a few projects and that is a good thing.

I finally got my "Caramel" sweater off the needles.

I procrastinated on the sleeves, but they really weren't that bad once I got myself in the mode to finish this sweater.  It's a blanket wrap cardigan; and it's probably too warm to wear  right now, but I hope it will be ready for the cold weather in a few months. is not complete until I weave in all the loose threads and then block it.  When I say there are loose threads to weave's a picture of most of what needs to be done yet.

Ugh...I am not looking forward to doing this.

On the sewing front, I had been working very slowly on my plus quilt.  I came across a "quilt along" on Instagram for just this quilt.  I joined a little late, but it has given me the incentive to make a push  on this quilt rather than make it one of those "long-term" quilts.

So, I have all 57 large pluses made.

I laid them out in color order to see that I had an equal amount of each colorway.  

Now I need to get busy on the 99 small pluses that this quilt requires.  I have some made, but not anywhere near what I need, but all my backgrounds are cut out and there are several colored pluses cut to get me going.  That's the biggest thing...cutting out; so I think those 99 will come along quite nicely.

Also, I have the cutest knitting project bag cut out and ready to go except that I need a zipper; so that project will have to wait until my next post for its reveal.  I am excited about this one.  Like I said, it is so darn cute.  

Well, that's it for now.  Keep on quilting, knitting or whatever you are doing. Progress is progress and the goal is to get something finished in the end.  


  1. I love the cardigan as well as the quilt. What w ill you do with the quilt is it a keeper or a charity item?

  2. Your knitting is so beautiful. I've been thinking about a "Plus" quilt, too. Yours is really cute. By the way, lovely backdrop there on the sweater photo!

  3. Your new sweater is looking Gorgeous!
    I'm always so inspired and amazed at your knitting talents.
    Your plus quilt is coming along just darling! You certainly have lots of blocks to finish... but I know you will persevere in no time with a wonderful finish!


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