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Monday, March 12, 2018

Odds and Ends

 The other day I had found around 179 pairs of half square triangles  in my French General bin, so I sewed them together.  This is the layout that I am going to sew this little top together in.  Each block is 2" finished.  I will be taking this along when I go to retreat next month.  I may attach borders, but I will see when the time comes.

Also, between sewing and long arming....I have been knitting. 

I finished this pair of wool socks.  

The yarn is by Vesper and is called Bespeckled Sock yarn.  The color is called Dark Magenta, but they are really a pretty silver gray with the magenta running through it.  Again, there is snow in the forecast, so I think I will still have time to wear wool socks for a little while. 

At this point, I only have one more skein of sock yarn (brown), but I think I need to take a break from making socks (if I can keep myself from doing them).  I have a sweater that needs finishing and it would be nice to be able to wear it while it is still cold. 

I did run to the yarn shop the other day though and picked up yarn for another shawl.  

It's called Doo Wop and the yarns I chose are really yummy.  They are from Shibui.  My sister-in-law, Maria, and I are going to work on this shawl pattern together, so I imagine it will be when we go to a yarn festival in Pittsburgh that is coming up.  

Here are my colors.  

I can't wait to start on this shawl.

For now though, I have other things that need to be finished, but isn't that the way things go?  Too many projects started .....UFOs!  The one thing I don't want at this point is to start a yarn "stash" because I know what my fabric "stash" looks like.

Can you relate?


  1. Well, I DID start a new project. I'm knitting the socks from the same pattern as you, thanks to my Christmas gift certificate! A man at "The Home" watched me knit today. He said it reminded him of his childhood, watching his mother knit socks. He seemed to enjoy those minutes today quite a bit! Keep up the good work!!!! (Anonymous) Sharon

  2. Your mini French General is too cute! Love the shawl pattern. It will look good in those coors.