Friday, September 8, 2017

New projects on the horizon.....

As if I need any NEW projects, there is one sweater than I have been wanting to make for quite awhile.  It is called Caramel

Well, today one of the local knit shops had their big 20th anniversary sale and because they had the most adorable shopping bag that was going to be given to the first 100 customers, I felt that it was time to purchase my yarn for the sweater.  That really sounds lame, doesn't it?  Like I need another shopping bag.
I promised myself to get rid of a couple other ones just to warrant going for this one.
Anyways, back to the yarn.  A sale seemed like the perfect time to purchase the yarn for a project that was bigger than a scarf, mittens, or shawl.  I saved 20 percent off my full purchase.  I think that is a pretty good deal.

There were so many choices of yarns and colors, but I was drawn to my usual neutrals.  

I bought this lovely, squishy yarn by Sublime.  It is 75% extra fine baby merino, 20% silk and 5 % cashmere.  I just love fondling these yarn balls.

The main color will be the taupe and the stripes will be the white/cream.  I am anxious to get to this new project.

I have to give  kudos to the people that work at Ewe-nique Knits.  I was greeted immediately.....asked what I was looking for.....and they took my pattern and showed me the various yarns that would work and figured out how many skeins I would need from each of the different yarns and then left me to my own devices.  I would normally have been roaming around a shop not knowing which yarn I was looking at and not knowing how to translate meters into yardage.  She made it so easy for me.  If you ever get a chance to visit this shop, I highly recommend them.  

Back to sewing though...I have been going gunho on my checkerboard blocks.

I had enough strips cut out to make 24 blocks and almost all of those are complete.  I need 30.  From there, I only need to make a few 9-patches for the cornerstones and cut the sashing and this quilt will be a top in no time at all.  

I am making a big dent in my UFO projects, so bringing on a new knit project doesn't make me feel too overwhelmed.  Besides, there is no rush to get that completed by any given time.  

I just want to enjoy my crafts.

Hope you are enjoying what you want to do.


  1. That sweater pattern is gorgeous! You picked beautiful yarn to make it.
    Your quilt blocks look fabulous, congratulations on getting so much accomplished.
    I have always loved Yellow 2 color quilts, this will be a Beauty.

  2. Love seeing your knitting projects always - your choice in yarns is perfect! The shop sounds like a good one as I feel the same way - the variety of yarns and how to convert from one type to another is totally confusing to me. My good intentions for returning to knitting have not panned out yet - not enough hours in the day. Wonderful yellow color in the fabric for your blocks - looks buttery - what's not to love!



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