Friday, July 7, 2017


Right now I have no business sewing at all.  The washing machine died, so we went out and bought a new washer and dryer.  Since they were out of the laundry room, I decided to tear down the wallpaper that has been in there 20 some odd years.  That in itself has been a disaster.

Just prior to this escapade, the gals and I went on a little shop hop with instructions that I was NOT to buy any fabric.  You'll see that they were not of any help in that department.

Bought this adorable fox fabric for Jude who just moved into his "big boy" bed and his room has a fox theme, so I made him a pillowcase. 

Then I found this adorable little wallet that I am going to make from stash fabric.  Problem is...there are too many choices and I don't know which route to go.  

Also, I bought a KIT.  I never buy kits, but this one was adorable in one of my favorite quilt shops.  I have already purchased backing online and had to buy one of the fabrics that they had substituted something else in the kit.  

So far, I have stitched together the strips getting them ready to be sliced up.  It would have been nice to have this for the Fourth, but it will be ready for next year for sure. 

Quite awhile ago, I won a contest on Jan Patek's website for naming one of her blocks or quilts (can't remember which).  I was to get a pattern.  Well, they lost my info and a lot of time passed and I kind of forgot about it until the other day when the pattern came in the mail along with another pattern for being so late (they finally found my info).  I love them both!!

Then today when we realized that the drywall mud was not dry enough to sand, I started putting the Hearts and Hands blocks onto their respective places on the  background and pinned them in place.  Now I can get ready to stitch them down.

Ok....back to getting the laundry room into shape.   


  1. Well you have been BUSY......

  2. There just aren't enough hours in a day, days in a week, or weeks in a year to get all of our projects we have finished....but I'm glad to see Hearts and Hands so close to the finish line!!!
    (Anonymous) Sharon


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