Friday, May 26, 2017

Tribute to Hearts and Hands

This "final"block pays tribute to the quilt called Hearts and Hands.  It says it all.  I, also, think that is why I saved it for last.

Although, I told you this block would be my nemesis.  The tiny ring and bracelet  took much thought in how to apply them and the several choices of fabrics for one block was proving to be trying especially after doing this for the previous 116 blocks; and the fact that I had some problems after it was finished.  

I  made it according to the pattern without really checking to make sure it would fit within the required circle.

It did not.

I had to remove five of the little tear drops and move them in.  You can see the problem ones with the pins pointing towards them along with the circle that the pattern was to fit within.

It is fixed.  It is done; and I can now say that Phase I of Hearts and Hands is now complete.

Phase II consists of cutting the background and applying all 117 circle blocks.  

Phase III will be quilting it.  

I am hoping now that Phase I is done, the rest will be easier and much quicker than the eons I spent on those applique and paper pieced blocks.  

So.....stay tuned.  My mission is to complete it before our guilds next quilt show and if I like it well enough upon completion, it just may end up being  entered into the show.


  1. It looks great. Hope you're able to enter it into the show.

  2. I think this is my favorite block. Even though it was a problem for you, it is well done in the end.


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