Tuesday, May 23, 2017

One more down......

This is the Hearts and Hand block I was not looking forward to doing. 

Not a 100% perfect, but it is done!

I have to admit that I was stymied as to how to go about this one (so many little pieces), so I messaged a friend,  Ardie, who is a prolific appliquer and asked her advice.  

She suggested that I do the heat resistant template method.  All other blocks have either been needle turn or reverse applique to this point. 

I have done the template method in the past but for very large pieces.  You cut a template and starch the seam line and iron it over the template giving you a piece that is ready to stitch down. 

I got my trusty, little  Clover iron out  and in no time I was ready to stitch away.  

Ok.....that leaves me one more block to do.  This one will be a little tricky.  There are a couple of REALLY small pieces on this one, but I  CAN do it!


  1. Beautiful - starch basting is a wonderful option for tricky pieces.
    I like that there are so many options available today for basting these more challenging blocks.
    Congratulations..... very excited that you are down to the LAST block now!

  2. (Anonymous) Sharon......It looks great. Glad you got that one done.
    So exciting to be this close to putting them all together!

  3. Sounds like you've got this one underway and soon will have it finished. Hugs


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