Friday, April 28, 2017

Plus quilt....

This is another customer quilt.  

My first thought on seeing this quilt was straight line quilting and that did cross the customer's mind, too; but she said she was looking to make this quilt look old.  That is one of the reasons she used red and cream rather than red and white.  

Anyways, designs were running through her head....straight line quilting, a boxy motif and crosshatching were some of her ideas.  

Straight line was definitely modern; and I felt the boxy motif look was modern but too close to the hard lines of the pluses. I like to do the opposite of what the quilt blocks are.  If there are hard edges in the block, then go with curves.   Crosshatching would make the quilt look more antique, but that could get pricey depending on how close the crosshatch was stitched.  

I suggested the Diamonds are Forever pantograph.  It's modern, but gives a bit of a mock up of the crosshatch.

I was liking how the diamonds looked close up.  Once the whole quilt was done though, I think the design really sang for this quilt.

I can't wait to use this panto for something else...maybe for myself!

As always, my customer has great backings for her quilts.

Hope she is pleased with this one.  


  1. The quilting design is lovely. I'll have to remember the name of it for my quilter.

  2. The combo of Nancy's piecing and your quilting always makes for a beautiful finished quilt! Nice work!
    (you know she's going to love it!!!)
    (Anonymous) Sharon



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