Thursday, May 4, 2017

Moving right along.....

Still plugging away at Hearts and Hands.

I found that there was one more simple block to do here.  

From here on out though, the rest are getting intense.

This one is four layers thick.

Here's another one.  Not so bad, but those little commas are tricky. 

This one was a doozy with those little fingers. 

Six more to go.

 I've contacted Cherrywood Fabrics to have them send me some fat quarters that I thought might just work out for the background for this quilt.  I was notified within half an hour of ordering them that  they were in the mail. 

Can't wait to see them and audition my blocks.  Eleven  yards are needed to complete this quilt; and now that I am so close, I thought I had better get on the ball and be prepared.

By the next time I post some more of my blocks I will be able to show you my choices for background.  A quick decision will have to be made as two of the colors are already on hold for me.  Since these are hand dyed fabrics and only come in 2 yard increments, they have to set them aside so that there will be enough from one dye lot for me.  

I am getting excited now!  


  1. (Anonymous) Sharon here....You really are cruising right along on those blocks! They are amazing!
    Kudos to Cherrywood Fabrics! Don't you just love a company that gives such great service?!!

  2. Anonymous, I am surprising myself how well I am keeping at this. Of course, when you are this close!

    I am thinking those FQs will be here either today or tomorrow. That really is quick service. Can't wait.




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